Who is the strongest villain in the anime?

It seems like a simple question.

But the more I think about it, the harder I find it to answer that question.

In the anime, there are many different energy systems and worlds. So an extremely scary villain in one series can be an easy target in another.

But this doesn’t have to be an impossible task! So here’s my pick of serious villains in OP anime.

25. Johan Libert

Anime: Monster

It’s an odd entry in a list full of magic and superpowers.

Johan Libert from the famous TV series Monster is only human too.

But in a series where the world and characters adhere to the constraints and characteristics of real life, Johan Libert is a monster – a human monster.

This handsome, charismatic and highly intelligent man knows his strengths. Unfortunately for everyone else, Johan uses them to manipulate others and do terrible and deadly things.

Monster wouldn’t be a classic without a deceitful villain like him – a man who is seemingly ten steps ahead of everyone else and serves as proof that evil exists, but not necessarily in the form of actual monsters.

24. Satou

Anime: Ajin: Half human

Satu is the first person to come in here who is not a normal person.

Even before he discovered he was an Ajin, he showed signs of thinking differently from others.

To say he’s a thrill seeker would be an understatement.

He wanted to taste the approaching death and beat the odds. And most importantly, Satu’s moves consisted of killing a bunch of people.

as the main villain in Ajina, Satou was threatening.

He was no ordinary old man with war stories. Satou has killed hundreds of people – and he prefers to take a few lives in every fight.

23. Anger

Anime: The Fullmetal Alchemist

Whether you call him King Bradley or Rage or Fury, this man is not an opponent to be beaten, even if he is vastly outmatched.

As his father’s last homonculus, Wrath was a unique creation.

First, he’s aging like any other human being. This, of course, is a weakness of power.

But it allows him to make others believe that he is just like everyone else, and not a homunculus with unusual speed, strength, and swordsmanship.

A sword fight against Rage would be unfair even if you also carry a knife, especially if he can use more than one at a time.

Finally, King Bradley has the Ultimate Eye, which makes him extremely responsive to movement and the environment.

22. Kars

Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Yoyo memes aside, the series is full of energy, creativity, and the most appealing characters in anime.

Kars makes his debut at the beginning of the adaptation and is responsible for the stone masks and the vampires.

He’s at the top of the men’s ranks and has a clear long-term goal in life: to take over the Red Stone Aji.

But how can he be such an influential leader and creator?

First of all, he’s never unarmed: Kars can make ultra-shiny knives out of his arms and legs.

It can change shape and take on the characteristics of other life forms.

Kars is also immortal, terribly intelligent, and his ultimate form can cause volcanic eruptions.

21. Asura

Anime: Soul Eater

Asura is the number one villain of the series.

He is the sibling of Death the Kid and is known as the Demon God. This guy hates humanity and has everything: extreme strength and speed, regeneration and flight.

He is the most famous member of the eight Shinigami legions. Not even the legendary Eibon can defeat him.

Indeed, Asura is stronger than anything but death itself.

And it’s crazy that the only one who can take on Asura is the Reaper, who founded the Academy of Deadly Weapon Masters.

20. Chrollo Lucifer

Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Whether it’s a 1999 or 2011 adaptation of this popular shounen series.

As the founder and leader of the Shadow Squad, Chrollo Lucifer’s presence in itself calls for great caution.

He’s only seventh in his group in terms of physical strength, but this lovable character can kill armed men with a pen – and his hand is more than good enough to chop off their heads.

Moreover, the perception is incredibly good.

Chrollo can dodge attacks and projectiles at high speed.

And as a leader, make no mistake: He can come up with strategies and moves that no one else can predict, not even Hishoka.

19. Rajo Kiryuin

Anime: Death, death, death

As a product of Studio Trigger, it’s no surprise that Kill la Kill is bursting with adrenaline and meat.

It’s nice to see fanservice integrated into the story here – there’s a legitimate reason why Rajo Kiryuin and the others look the way they do.

And thanks to Life Fibers, Rajo is much better than the others:

She has superhuman strength, agility and stamina. Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin need to team up to have a chance against her.

Your bare hands could break Bakuzan’s sword. She can use her life fibers to control the minds of others. Rajo can also fly, and a decapitation is no problem because she can just regenerate body parts – that’s hardcore.

18. All for

Anime: My heroic academy

All for one was once the leader of the Villains League.

He has been there since the creation of the Whimsy, and has since taken the Whimsy Legion from others to render them powerless and increase his own power.

His combat reconnaissance experience is not to be sneezed at.

This antagonist knows that quirks can be deadly on a much larger scale when combined.

Also, it’s hard for the opponent to guess his next move because he has so many quirks.

As a symbol of evil, All for One needs no weapon to hold All Might – and that’s no small feat, as All Might is known for its extreme physical strength.

17. Diavolo

Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

The pink-haired leader of the passionate mafia is mysterious. He doesn’t want anyone to know about his past because it makes him very anxious.

So if you try to find out about his life, you’ll have a bad time.

His stand is called King Crimson, an entity that combines physical strength with temporal abilities.

Stands that don’t know how to manipulate time are no match for it. Diabolo can use King Crimson for his single attacks, which are just as deadly as full losses.

Moreover, his condition may remove time.

At this point, only Diavolo can perform actions.

However, this operation is limited to a maximum of ten seconds. But think of the crucial ten seconds in a combat change – and this ability has an immediate activation.

16. Iron

Anime: Bleach

Were you there when Bleach revealed that Eisen was one of the bad guys?

Originally he was such a seemingly sweet and intelligent man.

Aizen has really proven to be incredibly intelligent, especially when it comes to everything from the Society of Souls. But he used his brain to serve his dark ambitions.

Thanks to his incredible physical strength, Iron is a formidable swordsman.

But even without his sword, his Hakuda fighting style makes him a threat.

Then you have to take into account his relative immortality and the large amount of reyreku.

From his shunpo and kido skills to that Kyoka Suigetsu, Aizen always has so many tricks up his sleeve.

15. Gilgamesh

Anime: Destiny / Lasting Night

Gilgamesh is not an absolute villain. But to say that he didn’t play that role well in the adaptation (at least for a while) is also unfair.

As king of all heroes, he is the primary protector of all heroic spirits.

It’s frightening because the energy in it is greater than maybe 100,000 souls. If you look at physical strength alone, Saber and Berserk can take him down.

But in terms of accomplishments, Gilgamesh is a god.

With his noble phantasm known as the Gate of Babylon, Gilgamesh can refer to the prototypical noble phantasm of other heroic servants.

He can wield them as weapons, but the King of All Heroes can also simply hurl them out of the air with great speed and force – an endless barrage of blades of all shapes and sizes.

14. Millennium Challenge Account

Anime: D. Graves.

Count Millennium has one of the biggest smiles in the anime – and it’s certainly not filled with good-natured glee.

He is the head of the Noah family, the most important group of villains in the entire franchise.

Allen Walker becomes a powerful exorcist, but the Count of Millennium could get him into trouble.

Bullets are no problem, and his telepathy ensures that enemies cannot hide their next move. He has regeneration powers and can use dark matter for attack and defense.

Like Kars, he is also the creator responsible for all Akuma creatures (the term literally means devil).

These demons all follow his orders and are basically an extension of him. So when you fight the Count, you fight a whole army.

13. Blackbeard

Anime: A detail.

Blackbeard, also known as Marshall D. Teach, is one of the four emperors of this massive shounen franchise.

Possession of a devil fruit turns you into a creature with super powers, in return you lose your ability to swim.

Blackbeard has two.

Whitebeard manages to hit him with a jab – and Blackbeard walks away with a scrape.

He is tough, strong and smart (but he likes to talk during fights).

With his devil’s fruit, he can use the power of darkness and earthquakes to sow destruction everywhere.

12. Envy

Anime: The Fullmetal Alchemist

Jealousy can change form (and voice) as it pleases.

If the soul-eating Asura hates humanity, he will surely be pleased to know that Envy exists only to inflict pain and terror on people.

And it’s not that hard for the urge to ruin a life ….

They are faster, stronger, more resilient, more perceptive and more flexible than normal humans and animals.

Similarly, Envy is blessed by the Father with immunity to all forms of poison, disease, toxins and viruses.

This being does not need to eat or breathe, it is immortal and does not age.

If the wound is not fatal, Envy can recover immediately – and they managed to regenerate half of their body after the wolverine swallowed it.

11. Zeref Dragleil

Anime: Fairy Tail

Don’t be fooled by its appearance.

Zeref is over 400 years old, he was once the most powerful mage – and he is the founder of the Alvarez Empire.

Also known as the Black Mage and Emperor Spriggan, Zeref possesses tons of magical power.

It’s so massive that he can’t fully control it.

Think about it:

Zeref possesses the dark magic Ankhseram, which allows him to destroy living beings with relative ease. His deadly predator can kill anything as long as it’s in range, and his deathball is equally dangerous.

As if that wasn’t enough, Zeref has also mastered living magic.

He can cast the demon spell Delior and use a flute that turns into a huge demon.

After all, he also knows fire magic, bullet magic, and time magic – and he’s immortal. Yes.

10. Madara Uchiha

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

The Naruto series (including the ongoing Boruto series) is home to many super-powered personalities.

Madara Uchiha is one of the first villains you’ll hear about – and his name should scare you at least a little.

This is a man who killed ninjas when he was a child.

He can beat most other shinobi when it comes to genjutsu, jinjutsu and elemental natural transformations.

And if Madara’s first appearance was already overwhelming, his change after resurrection is even more frightening.

At one point, Madara was able to defeat the five cages, master the ten tails (yes, you read that right), enter the wise mode and access the techniques of the six paths, the whole body – Susanoo and the infinite Tsukuyomi to create an invented world of peace and harmony.

9. Griffith

Anime: Berserk

it’s okay if you hate Griffith with a passion.

All Berserk fans despise this guy. Seriously, I remember being furious after seeing the first nightmare he gave Kaska (in front of his lover Gutz, I might add) when he became Femto.

Even before he became a Femto, Griffith had impressive skills in sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat.

He was the honorary conductor and charismatic conductor of the Falcon Orchestra.

Then it became Femto.

At that point it can fly and exist outside the physical world.

Mortals could no longer overthrow him so easily, no matter how hard they tried, simply because he had crossed the threshold.

Moreover, Femto can accurately predict most things and distort gravity and space.

Of course it has some flaws. But the enormous power he has been given as a femto is alarming.

8. Father

Anime: The Fullmetal Alchemist

Known as Summer of the Sun God and Little Inside the Flask, the father is the main villain of FMA and FMA: The Brotherhood series.

All he wants in the world is to become a perfect being and gain more power and dominion over humanity.

The father is over 400 years old and has every bad trait imaginable.

He also created seven super-powerful homunculi, named after the seven deadly sins (and two of them are on this list!).

Of course, Dad wasn’t always at his best.

But in his fourth image he attained what is called the power of God, which transformed him into a perfectly desirable being.

He could shape and control matter and energy by playing with size, power and form. The father could do anything as if he were an almighty God.

7. Measure

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Madhouse’s Hunter x Hunter reboot is a modern masterpiece, thanks in part to the divine quality of the Chimera Ant arc, with Meruem as the main villain.

If the other powerful villains were immortal or over a hundred years old, then Meruem’s probable lifespan was more or less 40 days.

Yet this time was sufficient to prove his superiority.

Meruem is by far the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter (so far).

He was developed as the ultimate biological weapon and therefore possessed extraordinary strength, speed and intelligence at the moment of his birth.

And he defeated Isaac Netero, who was once the most powerful Nen user. Not to mention the size of his aura. …. This is just unimaginably great.

6. Boros

Anime: Man with a single punch.

While One Punch Man season 2 wasn’t exceptional, fans can still look back to season 1, where Saitama fought a great Boros in one of the most exciting action scenes in anime history.

Boros deserves to be on this list because he himself knows how outclassed he is – to the point of feeling empty because no one was good enough to fight him.

Of course, everyone knows Saitama can beat him.

But Boros was the first villain to stay alive after a normal attack.

Also, his battle sent the MC to the moon. and his meteor explosion and shooting star cannon could have been victory (and destroyed the entire planet) if it weren’t for Saitama.

5. Jelly

Anime: Dragon Ball

It’s been decades since Dragon Ball took the world by storm and became the number one anime for many people around the world.

But even after all this time, Frieza remains one of the most powerful enemies in the series.

He has been the main antagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise several times and has always been a strong opponent.

As Emperor of universe 7, Freeza loves total destruction and power.

Both forms are deadly, whether he’s at 100% power or in his ultimate evolutionary form of Golden Frieza.

His signature move is the death ray – but if you refine it further, he drops a death ball that can destroy an entire planet.

4. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Naruto wouldn’t have ninjutsu if it weren’t for Hagoromo.

He is considered the first shinobi and was also the first human to successfully complete the five great transformations of nature.

Hagoromo can activate his techniques without a hand seal, and his chakra has already been depleted since the yin-yang release.

Naruto has the moon because he needed a huge structure to hold ten tails.

Moreover, he could use the five almighty tools known as the historical tools of the Sixfold Sages.

Moreover, Hagoromo defies death itself – he can still communicate with others in the world of the living, even though he is long dead.

3. Cell

Anime: Dragon Ball

If Meruem had to be the perfect biological weapon, then Cage had to be the perfect fighter.

A full assessment of his many skills would require a new article.

The cell can use both the terrifying Kamehameha and the solar Kamehameha.

He also has access to the Big Bang and Super Big Bang attack thanks to Vegeta.

And Freeza?

He also has his death ray, and it was the perfect death ray that killed the future Trunks.

And finally, although Cell never used it in the anime, he can use Goku’s spirit bomb. And that’s not something a bad person should have in their arsenal. ….

2. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Naruto’s strongest being gets a silver medal on my list.

For starters, Kaguya Otsutsuki can erase memories, hypnotize others, and travel interstellar – and those were just her gifts before she had devoured the fruit of the Divine Tree.

By eating the fruit, Kaguya had achieved such a powerful status that her mere existence prevented the rest of the world from causing uproar.

No one was trying to make her mad.

In addition to the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Yin-Yang Release, she can also use her Eighty Gods Void attack to quickly eliminate the Full Body – Suzanyu.

Finally, Kaguya also possesses the Expansive Orb of Truth, which allows her to destroy every square inch of the planet, turning it into nothingness and essentially giving it a reboot.

1. Anti-spiral

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

When I first thought of powerful enemies in anime, I had Cell and Kaguya in mind – until I remembered Antispiral.

Simply put, the Antispiral is the collective consciousness and host of humanoid entities known as Antispirals that possess infinite power.

That’s right.

This villain has unlimited power. He is omniscient and everywhere. He can move instantly to any place and at any time in the universe.

Antispiral also has a Granzeboma, a sword whose attack is called Great Storm of Infinite Explosion.

As the name suggests, this technique is as powerful as the forces that led to the creation of the universe.

It all starts with the mecha compressing two super spiral galaxies (yes, galaxies) into a ball, which is then shot at the opponent.

No other villain on the list is big enough to use two galaxies as weapons.

Antispy creates and destroys universes, multiverses and dimensions.

In fact, the site of the main battle had been turned into an anti-spiracy. And that was more than a thousand universes put together.

My mind cannot comprehend the greatness of this villain (and Super Tengen Topp Gurren Lagann).

And if the fact that he’s bigger than universes and owns galaxies isn’t enough to convince you that he’s the most powerful antagonist in anime history, know that Antispiral can change the laws of reality, raise the dead, and manipulate minds with ease.

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