It’s simple: We’re looking for the coolest glittery blue ever.

The only rule of thumb is that Pokémon should have a bright blue colour. Whether it’s a change of color or not is a matter of opinion.

As a brilliant hunter, your time is (probably) important, so let’s go.

20. Dragapult

Shiny Dragapult

Am I cheating to make you bow with my shiny new dragapult? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s it.

If Dragapult is definitely blue, his brilliant elf has nothing to do with it.

In other words, the colour change from red to yellow works very well with blue. It is a small change that can give a shiny stripe a sparse appearance without having to look hard at it first.

It’s also the first shine I’ve seen on SW/SH, so I’ll put it on all kinds of lists. It’s the only way for me to enjoy my performance.

As a footnote to Dragapult, no one will doubt the fact that he literally uses his children as torpedoes in battle? It’s not even speculation, it’s confirmed in the Pokedex.

If there was a Pokémon CPS, Dragapult would be at the top of the list (along with every mother who lets her 10-year-old run around the country unsupervised with fighting monsters who could beat him to death).

19. Reed

The shiny lobster

Dragapult is actually much prettier than Zangust.

But it’s not technically blue glitter (I don’t care, I don’t want to hear it).

Zanguste, on the other hand, has a blue sheen. The red stripes on the belly change into a lighter shade, almost blue.

Apart from the brilliant Zangusta as the main fake sweeper, there is no particular reason to prosecute him. Yet the chaff hunt has a certain impact that cannot be ignored.

18. Milk tank

The shiny milk

We all hate Miltenk.

Otherwise, you’ve never played an OG Johto game. Milk Whitney is still fresh in the memory of the survivors.

I still have nightmares about the big pink beast rolling over my helpless corpse.

Brilliant Miltenk is even worse. He’s blue, so he’s on that list. But it’s not just blue, it’s blue-blue.

In fact, anything but part of the stomach gets that sickly color which makes it look like it is saturated with musty milk.

If there is something worse than being beaten to pulp by Spleen Tank, it is beaten to pulp by Spleen Tank after the expiration date.

17. Alolan Sandslash

The brilliant Alolan Sandslash

Alolan Sandslash is a waste of potential.

It’s one of the most beautiful regional Pokémon we’ve ever seen, and the design just needs a fresh coat of paint. But we didn’t understand that.

Instead, the Alolan Sandslash shine is simply bluer than white compared to its regular counterpart.

It’s all thanks to this stain, which always looks great.

It would be difficult to notice the difference between the two elves if you work with a weak sleep. But it’s proof of the power of the Pokémon design.

16. Poison

Blue glitter poison.

Poison sucks, and it sucks.

Poison has always been one of my favourite Pokémon OG (for whatever reason). But in battle it was almost useless. Maybe that’s why I never bothered to hunt brilliantly.

It’s embarrassing, too. Because the shiny poison is very pleasing to the eye.

Changing the translucent purple wings and head into light blue is a way of repainting that doesn’t seem inappropriate because of the gender difference.

If Glossy, however, the pallet exchange still works well. This is no exception. But this is no exception, and Janomot himself is no exception.

15. Keyboard

Brilliant Bravier

There are things in Pokémon Glitter where small changes can make a big difference.

It’s the Bravieri case.

The keyboard is my favorite of the Flying Type generation. The eagle pattern has a more intense effect than that of the dove or crow. It’s the kind of design that cries out for freedom and power.

I respect that.

The red accents on the Braviary have been replaced by blue ones. It’s a small change that stays within the American theme, which I always appreciate.

Blink and you’ll miss it. But sometimes it’s good.

14. Bisharp

Brilliant Bisharp.

Before I wrote this list, I’d never seen a brilliant Bisharp.

I stumbled upon it while doing research and I’m very happy with it.

Bisharp has a brilliant and tasteful sprite, where red has been replaced by blue.

I’m not an art connoisseur (well, I am, but not in this kind of art). But I know almost nothing about color theory.

But something blue, black and yellow works so well for Bisharp.

It’s like a big blue humanoid beyblade. And what’s not to like about that painting?

13. Shaymin

Brilliant Shaymin.

If you have a shiny shaimin, how many organs do I have to sell so you can trade them for me?

Shaymin alone is one of the rarest Pokémon in the world, which makes its brilliant version all the more boring.

In this version, the green shrub on Shaymin becomes this chic transparent sky blue. This is the color I would paint my ceiling if my landlord would allow it.

The best part is that the colour change continues to the shape of the Shaymin sky, where it is even more beautiful if possible.

12. Electrode

Clear electrode

The electrode is a bright blue OG on this list.

This Pokéball transformed into a homemade living explosive is a perfect example of how a deliberate color change from Game Freak can make all the difference in a Shiny.

That’s because the shiny electrode is so simple.

Instead of red for Pokéball, it’s blue for the Grand Ball. That alone is worth a place on my very prestigious list.

11. Tyrantrop

A bright blue tyrant

I’ve never used Tyrantrum before.

And when I look at him, I wonder what’s wrong with me.

This dino looks like it belongs to Monster Hunter, not a happy Pokémon game. In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw Tyrantrum in Monster Hunter……. in Monster Hunter.

The blue version of this giant is darker and therefore immediately colder than its normal counterpart.

It’s a rare feeling, and it feels like he can tear me to shreds with a small hand tied behind my back. I’ve never felt physically threatened by the Pokémon before, but here we are.

10. Zorua

Zorua Brilliant

I really wish I could add Zoroark to that list. But I can’t.

I had an idea how to turn a blue baby into a purple nightmare, and I love it. But the blue is so much more beautiful.

On the ordinary Zorua, the red accents blend into the overall design.

When it lights up, these color splashes can be seen for miles. That’s the kind of color I think for a big, high waistcoat.

Too bad you’ll lose him as soon as you develop Zorua. But this does not discredit the quality of the design.

9. Creselia

Brilliant Rustic

I’m going to tell you something you won’t understand. But that’s okay.

Shining Crestelia reminds me of Pizza Planet.

Yeah, from Toy Story.

No, I don’t know why.

The colour schemes are not comparable. But the blues and purples of the neon evoke only this image. And if the Pokémon design inspires me to look at Toy Story One while I’m writing this list, then it deserves a place on that list. Logical or not.

8. Hygalite

Glossy Gigalite

The fact that Gigalite is on this list should come as no surprise to those who have already seen Brilliant.

The fact that it is so far from the top is debatable, but the top layer of blue flakes is particularly elitist.

If the goal of glitter is to look sparing, then Gigalit has the best of everything.

It literally looks like a vein of precious ore. He turns the stones he has on his normal sprite into jewels.

And it’s one of the few sprites I can think of that really gives the impression of a change in design, not just in colour.

7. Umbrella

Shiny umbrella

The umbrella is another example of less is more.

You certainly know the typical design of an umbrella with a black jacket and here and there yellow stripes and circles.

When it turns on, the yellow parts of the screen turn blue.

This not only makes it rarer (which should be the case), but it also fits the moonlight theme much better than yellow.

I understand it must be the stars against the moon. But the darkness of Umbreon’s blue suits is such that I wouldn’t raise my eyebrows if the blue version was Umbreon’s standard uniform.

6. Tau

Shiny meow

The next two entries sound like excuses, but come on, they deserve it.

Mew may be the only simple and brilliant gnome. It’s only blue leather.

That’s all there is.

Very nice blue. And believe me when I say the shadow makes all the difference.

So many brilliant elves have such a vague color palette. So when the colors change, which seem more like it, it naturally attracts your attention.

Moreover, brilliant Mew is also very rare.

It’s not as hard as it was for Shaymin, but you still have to sell a kidney or two to get your hands on a legal kidney.

5. Fact is that

Same goes for the shiny one.

Remember what I said about an apology? That’s all I’m saying.

If you’re familiar with the Pokémon tradition, you know that Ditto-san alluded to a failure when he tried to clone Mew. It’s a step between Mew and Mewtwo.

Because of this, the brilliant shape of Ditto is exactly the same as that of Mew.

It turns out that the blue color chosen by Game Freak is very nice to look at.

If he could turn into brilliant versions of other Pokémon, he’d be at the top of the list, but he can’t do that. Which, frankly, seems like a great loss of potential.

4. Embar

Brilliant relief

Although I chose Tepig during my first run in Gen V (which soon became Snivy, a difficult choice), I don’t really like Emboar.

The size of this thing seems too unrealistic.

I know what you’re talking about; this is Pokémon, where children can literally enslave intergalactic gods who are capable of destroying all known universes. What’s unrealistic?

But listen to me very carefully.

Look at the legs on Emboar. They’re so far apart, and he’s got no knees!

My personal grudge is that the brilliant Embar is a Pokémon player. I love the blue glitter of the fire, as you’ll understand from the first post.

So, if Emboar is no longer just a blue flame, but a global redesign, you know I’ll have a hard time. Knee or no knee.

3. Hyratine

Brilliant Giratina

The liberation of the Crown Tundra has made the road to the brilliant Giratina easier than ever.

And that’s something to be happy about.

It’s one of those rare scenarios in which every part of a Pokémon is turned into a shine, and it’s not just a repainting.

If the execution had gone a little less well, Giratina would have looked ashamed. The cream, blue, silver combination shouldn’t work…. but it should work here.

It’s hard to put into words what makes Giratina so beautiful and brilliant. And I think it’s some kind of Pokemon pot.

So I’m begging you to look at the devil and let me know what you think.

2. Zakian

Zatsian shine

Let me start by saying that Zakian would easily be number one on that list if there wasn’t one little thing.

That little thing? He’s out of range.

And the shiny glitter of the Sword and Shield are connected with a padlock, making them currently out of reach.

If you’re reading this at a time when you can reach them, stop wasting time and do it.

It is devastating that sequins are locked up in a generation that has only the most beautiful legends of sequins. And yes, I’ll take the Gen 3 and that beautiful black Rayquaza.

I don’t know how much fun it is to own a shiny Zakian. But you can, and for that…. I hate you.

1. Ponita

Blue glitter pony

Boom! I bet you didn’t see that coming.

The case of the brilliant Ponita moves me to tears.

Remember when I said I liked blue flames? That’s all this brilliant ponita has to offer. His flaming moons are blue.

And it is this incredibly beautiful blue that makes the Ponyta by far the best and easiest, the brightest of the first generations.

Plus, Rapidash had a blue flame.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I used to.

But Game Freak, in all its cerebral glory, changed Rapidash to have a black flame.

Those black flames are cool, but they’re no match for the blue flames he had before.

That brilliant change broke my heart. And that’s why Ponita is here and not Rapidash.

I can’t even recommend catching a shiny pony, because you absolutely mustn’t develop it.

This is the greatest tragedy the Pokémon franchise has ever experienced, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

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