The moon has risen. The dead have been raised. The darkness is coming to you.

Welcome to the world of horror in Animal Crossing!

I know, a game about friendship with cute talking animals and growing fruit trees doesn’t seem like a good choice for horror.

But I’m here to tell you that it can work – if you have the right tools at your disposal.

So here are a few terrifying ideas for your New Horizons Island that are sure to scare the crap out of you!

15. Narrow writer’s lane

image source ninja4pirate

As a writer, I prefer a comfortable and fun writing environment.

It looks like a play that Stephen King is probably writing.

Start this idea with brown hallway walls, a brown brick floor, and a magic circle rug to add beauty to an already dark room.

Buy lots of antique furniture, such as an antique table, chest of drawers, chair and dresser.

Then hang the scariest decorations you can find. Make some creepy candy games, buy a psychic kit, and even buy a fireplace if you can.

Now turn off the lights and you’re ready to use the darkness for inspiration.

14. Cellar dungeon

Image source by @JDixGame

Why is the basement always the scariest room in the house?

Well, maybe except for the attic.

If you want a scary basement to house prisoners or torture victims, here’s an easy idea to try! (And also, to maybe get some help?).

Start by applying wallpaper for the dungeon and a stone floor for the cold area.

Make many prison bars to make many cells for all your poor victims.

Then buy skeletons and anatomical models to represent these victims. We definitely went to the dark side of Animal Crossing with this game.

13. Scary Pumpkin Enema

Image source: Matcha0327

Horror movies may not be your thing. So you can opt for a more subdued Halloween design, like this spooky entry.

Make a good impression when visitors first enter your island.

To do this, you’ll need a large space for your pumpkin patch.

Most things you have to do from orange pumpkins. So start with a scary fence around your entrance.

Personally, I love the ghost cart and the ghost tables and chairs. This way everyone has a good place to be during their visit.

Don’t forget to place a scary arch at the entrance of your island. This sets the theme.

12. Ghost caves

Image source: @ladyredleafgam1

If you want to add a little creepiness somewhere, a big Halloween display might not be for you.

But creating this little dark cave might be an idea to try.

The two main things you need are a stone arch, which you can make from a pile of stones, and a few simple panels, arranged so that it looks like eyes are watching you from the darkness.

Then just put on a few pumpkin hats to brighten up your cave of darkness a bit.

11. Stone Temple Sacrifice

image source by @MorganKunert.

This construction requires sacrifice.

Let’s be clear: You have to sacrifice your time and effort to make it really work!

Start by setting up a series of boulders with some majestic stone steps leading up to the top.

Then make cauldrons and place them at the entrance to the staircase with the scary arch.

Don’t forget to buy cranial x-rays and get some K.K. Dirge for an even scarier experience.

At the top of the stairs you have to place the statue with the stone head. And what you sacrifice to the statue, well, that’s an eyesore in itself …..

10. House on a hill

image source by @boicrossing

I haven’t seen Ghosts of Hill House on Netflix yet. But there’s something about the abandoned house on the hill that really fits the horror aesthetic.

Start this idea with a landscape to create the cliffs where your house will be.

The house itself is made of children’s tents and simple panels that look like broken windows, walls and doors.

Add some decorations like candles and stone lion dogs to liven up the scene…or, don’t live…..

9. Gothic Cemetery

image source by @Francescaxuan

Nothing looks more like a horror movie than a haunted and abandoned graveyard.

Because everything is already dead!

This idea requires a lot of water to create small islands on the left, and a burial cross on the right.

Demolish the central bridge, build stone paths and add bloody buildings for extra terror.

I love the custom cross patterns here. It seems that each tile is its own grave, ready to come back to life.

When you’re almost done with this area, you can decorate the scene with candles to pay tribute to the dead before they turn.

8. Spook Halloween Party

Image source by @pocket.ghost

I like to dress up for Halloween.

It’s always fun to see the costumes everyone is wearing and enjoy the spooky treats while hanging out.

To create your own spooky Halloween party, set up a few birthday tables with magazine holders to sit on.

Then we set up a stand and put a radio on the counter with a swinging bucket and a dispenser to pour water into.

You probably want to show off a few skeletons and all the surprises at your Halloween party, like custom hats and homemade cakes.

While not necessary for a party, the fact that this person got a spiky ghost is a fun addition to a Halloween party.

7. Deadly Pleasure Fair

image source: @pocket.ghost

My favorite season of American Horror Story had to be Freak Show, because I really like scary clowns, circuses, and other novelties of that nature.

To set up this abandoned fairground scene, I would start by fencing off a certain area with barbed wire.

Maybe even put up custom signs so villagers know it’s closed.

As for the attractions, you can expect to see spring rides, a street organ, a tea cup, a cotton candy machine, a popcorn machine and a colorful wheel.

My favorite part are the custom designs, like the bloodstains, dice, and even the wheel set to win or lose.

I think the chances of survival here are slim to none.

6. Terrible nightmare

Image source by @hector.cross

I’m not going to lie: I looked at this picture and I was already terrified.

If you’re brave enough to do this, start by setting up rocks with a bed in the middle.

Luna’s bed is a good option because it looks a little more vintage.

So you should buy a lot of old statues and surround your bed with them.

It’s probably the scariest statue in the world, so it’s perfect.

Decorate the place with a few candles to bring at least a little light into the darkness of this nightmare!

5. Heritage House

image source from @hyperpop.island

Again: I’ve never seen Heredity, but I can still tell you that there is no one in that room to make contact with.

To make it yourself, apply straw wallpaper and climb back the walls to create this small space.

Also, place a straw mat with lots of candles in front of the ritual space.

You’ll need bird cages, stuffed animals and Christmas candles.

And make sure you have appropriate clothing with blood on it – because it wouldn’t be an eyesore without the unnecessary blood.

Then turn on the starburst and turn off the lights for some magical horror.

4. Raising the dead

Image source: skepticus

When the moon is full and the ritual begins, the dead rise up and take over the land of the living !

Start with this landscaping idea to create rocks and rivers.

On the top of the rock you have to place a moon and some finished fossil skeletons.

This player chose Megaloceros fossils, which I like because they remind me of the skeletal reindeer from Hell Before Christmas.

After building a few bridges, you’re ready to raise the dead and run for your life.

3. Abandoned prison

Image source: unknown

I ignore the satanic pentagram on the floor and get straight to the point: Prisons are also excellent settings for horror films.

You probably guessed it already, but you need to make a set of prison bars to build the cell walls.

I like that this player also sets up different rooms in the prison. Something like an office, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Objects such as toilets, cots, charts, desks, fax machines and even oil drums must be purchased to create these departments.

Don’t forget the bloody specials. Because apparently Animal Crossing has lost its innocence with these crazy ideas.

2. Haunted castle

image source: lou2cool88

I like some of the big castle projects the players are doing for their islands.

And this haunted castle is no exception.

To recreate this yourself, start by placing your house on a cliff and surrounding it with a pipe of organ branches that act as fortress walls and pillars.

The bunker is one of my favorite DIY items, so I love it when people use them as castle buildings.

Then you put in a lot of simple boards to form dark castle walls.

Finally, make lots of scary lanterns, scarecrows and towers for a spooky tour of the castle!

1. Garden maze with a view

Image source: Trend leader1

I’m a big Stephen King fan.

And The Shining is one of his most iconic works.

In this design, not only the garden maze from the film has been recreated, but also other terrifying moments from the film. Good.

If you want to do it yourself, you’ll have to make tons of hedges out of weeds, sticks and rocks. Then place them in the maze.

Expect two dresses hanging proudly in the middle, like the twins Danny sees in all the rooms at Overlook.

And what I love most about this design is that this player recreated the carpet from the movie and placed it on the floor to create an eerie experience in the maze.

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