Who doesn’t like shopping?

Cranny Nook is the place to go for all your island needs. Whether it’s furniture, wallpaper, medicine or tools, Nook has it all.

Or maybe you don’t have any clocks anymore? Visit our favorite twins to sell a few items and make money.

It’s a pretty important part of your island. So it makes sense to place it in a place where it can stand out.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to place your Nook’s Cranny or how to use the space around it, we’ve put together our favorite inspirations for you!

15. Coffee shop

The ACNH Cafe and Nook Store Store Design Idea Source image by @asphere_lag

Who doesn’t get hungry while shopping? Setting up a coffee shop on your corner is a good idea for those who work up an appetite by doing their shopping every week.

Add tables and chairs to the side of the store, as well as custom menu boards, and put drinks and snacks on the tables.

Nice points if you have a waiter too!

This is the perfect place for your villagers to catch up and discuss the latest island gossip.

That would be the TEA department!

14. Hook at sea

The corner of the ANCHA beach Image source Celesica

Bring the vibe of summer by putting your Slutty Nook on the beach.

Yes, that’s right, you can actually move the building to rest directly on the sand.

Put bikes and surfboards outside and use them as an outdoor activity center. Maybe snorkels and wetsuits outside too.

We need to motivate our villagers to exercise, and cycling should be the best way to see the island, right?

13. Boshoek

Sharpness in Forst - ACNH image source by @Crossing_Lorien

If you are a nature lover and you have the theme of the forest with your island, why not settle in a beautiful wooded area?

Situate Nook’s among a beautiful mix of cedar and hardwood for a fresh and natural feel.

You can even add a wishing well and wooden chairs or a fence to tie it all together.

We promise you that your favorite part of the day is going to the store.

12. Ceramic workshop

Pottery at Nook's Cranny image source TJFowle

Why not add your own little business near Cranny Nook?

Cut some space on the side to make your own showcase.

This idea of a pottery shop makes us want to buy everything and transform our home!

You can use the mantels as shelves for food, but make sure you rotate them so you can’t see the fireplace itself. You will always have a cool brick shelf to display your products.

The best part is that it doesn’t have to be ceramic! You can set up any type of outdoor store.

So start thinking, what kind of things does your island need?

11. Place de la ville

idea of urban square for ACNH Cinmu image source

Placing your corner next to Able’s and next to residents’ services is a safe way to create your own town square.

Complete the decor of the neighborhood with colorful flowers, iron benches and lampposts.

Of course, you can’t forget to make a statement in the middle. Go to the big fountain or maybe a statue.

And just like that, you’ve created the dream center for every villager!

10. Corner on the rock.

notch on rock in New Horizons image source by @BeeJay_Qween

Installing your Nook’s on a rock is an easy way to change the island and create an interesting entrance for your business.

Build a rock and choose your favorite slope that leads you to the store. It’s a very simple way to show Nook’s Cranny, and it looks great.

Add flowers and general decoration outside as well. Maybe plant some trees or bushes nearby.

If you’re in the mood for adventure, you can even add a waterfall to the edge of the cliff to make it look special!

9. Urban commercial zone

City Mall with Cranny Nook image source by @Superdog5833

Nothing is more frustrating than walking around the island looking for all the shops and the houses of the villagers.

Why don’t you have it all in one place?

When you create your own shopping area, all your stores stay together.

In addition to the physical buildings of Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters, you can also place some of your own stands and booths.

Build your favorite walkway and a fence to mark your shopping area, and maybe add a few streetlights to give it a streetscape.

8. Gardening

ACNH Garden Center for Cranny Nook image source by @monicarooney

If you have a green thumb, a garden center outside your corner might be a good idea.

Collect all the plants in the game here to earn bonus points.

You can even add colors to create your own ads.

So relax and wait for your industrial business to take off. You can even invite your friends to shop in your store.

But I’m not sure what Leif will think of the competition!

7. Secret Grandma.

Cranny's Hidden Secret Corner source of image @danaecrossings

Hiking trails are becoming increasingly popular on CWANA.

So why not hide the Little Corner in one of your paths and surprise the villagers with a nice surprise?

All around you, the Nook’s will be an abundance of trees and shrubs, nestled from the noise of society. You can even install it on the top block if you wish.

Keep the tradition alive with wooden stairs, wooden seating and maybe even an outdoor bonfire for those cold nights.

6. Information centre

ACNH Idea for Nook's Cranny + Visitor Center Image source by @Kaciao5

If your island has visitors and they need a little advice, why not set up an information centre near your Nook?

Set up an information rack and you can customize it with any model.

You can also configure some simple panels to look like shelves full of files.

Or you could put in a little storage unit for the twins to keep all their empty boxes. Because where do they all get their supplies from?

5. Coffee Corner

ACNH Nook Cranny Coffee Shop Idea image source by @vulnicuryan

Shopping can be a thirsty job.

So the opening of a pub in Nook’s could grow into a thriving business.

With custom-made countertops and a mix of tables and chairs, you can create the perfect European coffee aesthetic.

Add colors and trees to the area and you can make it stand out even more by adding your own custom sign.

Besides, if we want Brewster back, we have to give the villagers their coffee until he comes back.

4. Inner city Shopping Line

ACNH store banner idea for Cranny Nook Image source by Celesica

This tropical boutique full of shops literally screams luxury, with outdoor stands and mannequins giving customers a touch of class as they walk by.

It’s also very easy to do.

Check out all your side stores and fill them with coconut palms and tropical flowering plants.

After all, who doesn’t want to feel like a king while doing their weekly shopping?

3. Staff parking

Employee parking lot - Cranny Nook at NHCA Image source by lollipopopp99

Have you ever thought about how Timmy and Tommy go to work every day?

Creating a parking lot for them near the store is an admirable idea. So they can park their car.

A nice addition to the outdoor space along Cranny Nook.

It’s pretty easy to make and only uses a few spaces, as a few are needed to create the actual parking lot, and then a custom sign will appear next to it as well.

2. Niche on the lake

Lake Design for Nook's Cranny image source @_seahaven

What could be better than a breathtaking view of nature?

Moving the corner to a small island (or a large lake) is the perfect idea for anyone who loves the outdoors.

You can even make it look like a dock, with a wooden floor, wooden chairs and maybe a few fishing rods. Or the wooden mallard.

It’s also a reliable place to get those Instagram-worthy photos.

Put on your best outfit and head to the shops at sunset for the best photo shoot of your life.

1. Nuka Charging Station

Night Feed – Nooks Cranny ACNHSource B_DrmKA

This has to be our favorite.

We love that retro gas station at Cranny Nook. It’s even more beautiful at night, when the neon lights can be turned on!

Throw out a few gas pumps and add a giant neon sign. You can even make your own sign to apply it.

At the end of the day, there are vending machines or even coffee machines, because what’s a refill without a snack?

You’d think a gas station on an island where nobody really drives would…. You can’t deny it’s incredible!


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