What does it mean to be a man?

This is a question every man asks himself from time to time, and while everyone has a different answer, we can identify some common points that most male men have in common.

It’s not just about being tough or rugged, but having huge biceps and an impressive beard – although that certainly helps.

Masculinity is work, reliability and strength – mentally, emotionally and physically.

We have compiled a list of characters from all genres and backgrounds who have only one thing in common. They are all virile, energetic, inspiring and dependable men.

15. Sosuke Sagara

Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic

Anime: Full Metal Panic!

Raised as a child soldier in a war-torn country, Sosuke has developed a paranoid personality that keeps him on his toes 24/7 – but he remains kind and compassionate, as any man should aspire to be.

Susuke cares a lot about his friends. And he cares a lot about his girlfriend Chidori.

Using an M16 rifle in the middle of a school may be too much …., but it’s the thought that counts.

14. JP soft

Sweet JP Redline anime screenshot

Anime: Redline

while many men obsessively strive to become as rich as possible, money is not the measure of a man – and JP REDLINE knows this very well.

Although JP has had to deal with shady characters and has been involved in betting scams on several occasions, he eventually learns from his mistakes.

He is not here for money or fame, but to reach the limits of his potential as a runner.

with its pompadour and braggadocio, Sweet JP is an excellent example of classic courage.

13. Goblin slayer

Goblin Slayer in Goblin Slayer anime

Anime: Goblin Slayer

Some would say a man doesn’t hide his face behind a mask – but the Goblin Killer is different.

Instead of hiding his identity, the Goblin Killer projects what he believes to be his essence: a fearless goblin killing machine.

Given the pathetic and ruthless nature of the goblins in his universe, he is doing the world a great service.

He intentionally wears armor that will do the goblins no good if he falls. His family was killed by goblins, and he doesn’t want anyone else to suffer the same fate.

If that dedication is not courageous, I don’t know what is.

Twelfth Vegeta

Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z anime

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Selfish, reckless and even a little childish when he first appears at the beginning of DBZ, Vegeta learns from his mistakes and strives to become a truly good person.

A man does not let his stubbornness stop him from doing what is right.

The adaptability is also amazing. Although he was born a prince of the fallen Saiyan race, he eventually shed this identity and, along with his wife Bulma, found meaning in human life on Earth.

His well-built body and the tremendous strength with which he was endowed eventually found their purpose in protecting his family. And his fighting spirit was doubled by his desire to be a responsible father and a good husband.

11. iskandar

Iskandar from Fate/Zero anime

Anime: Fate/Zero

Few historical figures in human history can rival the greatness – and courage – of Alexander the Great, also known as Iskandar.

Although he is called a servant in the Fourth Grail War, his innate masculinity automatically makes him the leader of his group.

He is the king of conquerors, so that is not surprising.

Unlike most of the other heroic spirits summoned by the Grail, Iskandar is more interested in experiencing new things in the modern world than in righting past wrongs or ruling the world.

After all, he had done it once before in his life.

10th hearth

Kamina in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan.

Kamina, born in the underground village of Jih, always felt there was more to life than the narrow tunnels he called home.

Driven by this thirst for greatness and unenthusiastic about the great unknown, Kamina and her young friend Simon went to the surface of the earth – and began a journey that would free humanity from its underground prison.

There are many reasons to think Kamina is brave, but the most important is that he inspires others.

A person must set an example and push society toward a better future.

9. Dutch

Dutch from Black Lagoon anime

Anime: Black Lagoon

Dutch Black Lagoon is a sculpture for a masculine man.

He is a bald, muscular ex-soldier who also wears a bulletproof vest and army clothes at home. He has cool sunglasses, carries big guns and is fearless.

Despite his past as a soldier and his current job as the leader of a mercenary group, Dutch is actually quite relaxed and laid back.

His down-to-earthness earned him the respect of his colleagues. And this is the key to the success of the Laguna Trading Company.

8. Alex Louis Armstrong

Alex Louis Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Masculinity comes in many forms – and having huge muscles can certainly enhance a man’s masculine attractiveness.

Armstrong is a symbol of Amestris Army bodybuilding and an inspiration to the Elric brothers.

He constantly tries to motivate his companions by making them bask in the glory of his sculpted body.

Of course, his muscles are also important to his particular alchemical style, which largely combines transmutation with his non-human strength – especially in close-quarters combat.

He also has a noble soul that is receptive to wine. Armstrong is proof that men can cry male tears.

7) Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma from Baki anime

Anime: Bucky

If there is anyone who can take on Armstrong, it is Bucky Grappler.

This muscular senior has an incredible training ethic – he never misses a day and always pushes his limits.

Although he is probably the second strongest man on earth, he will not be satisfied until he can surpass his father, who has the strength to defeat entire armies with just his fists.

This challenge would be too great for a lesser man, but for Bucky it is only motivation to keep improving day after day.

6. deep black

Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop anime

Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Jet Black has been an Intersolar police officer – and if the man in uniform exudes any particular masculinity, it is the fact that he has left a corrupt police force that proves his worth as a man.

After all, corruption and deceitful behavior are not exactly masculine.

On top of that, after losing his arm, he was given a robotic arm instead of regenerating it with futuristic science fiction technology.

A person is made by his experiences, whether they are victories or failures – and Jet knows this very well.

Her mature, wise and stern personality is admirable – and courageous.

5. anything goes

All Might from My Hero Academia

Anime: My Heroes Academy

As we mentioned earlier, he is very brave to do whatever he can to protect his family and friends.

But what about protecting the whole world?

All Might is the mightiest superhero, with huge muscles, incredible strength and the most masculine smile I’ve ever seen. But he is not invincible – and he continues to rise to serve as a symbol of world peace.

As Atlas who holds the world on his back, the Almighty does everything in his power to keep society at peace. He is also a great teacher for the next generation and a good father to the main character Deku.

4 intestines

Guts in Berserk anime

Anime: Berserk

Known as “The Swordman,” Guts is feared by many people around the world – and it’s easy to see why.

This brutal and violent warrior was raised by mercenaries and has been killing since he was nine.

As an adult, he has reached the pinnacle of human development and possesses an indomitable will that allows him to survive even impossible injuries and defeat hundreds of armies.

But that’s not what makes Guts masculine.

The fact is that he remains compassionate and >concerned about his friends and innocents, despite such a traumatic childhood and incredible darkness.

3. yotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime

Anime: Jojo’s weird adventure.

The protagonist of the third volume of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders, is by far the most masculine Jojo yet.

Moreover, he seems to be one of the author’s favorites, returning as the main character three seasons in a row.

Although still a teenager when he first reveals himself, Jotaro cleverly decides to lock himself away to protect others from what he sees as a demonic possession.

Self-sacrifice for others is the key to masculinity.

He is also a killer with women, rarely loses his temper and is never afraid to fight. In a world full of virile men like Jojo, being the most virile is an accomplishment.

2) Daikichi Kawachi

Daikichi Kawachi in Usagi Drop anime

Anime: Usagi Blob

What could be more courageous than adopting an orphan to save it from a life without love?

Nothing, that’s all.

Daikichi did not hesitate to change his entire life to give his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter a happy and normal life. He was able to quit smoking, learn how to do household chores and even reduce his work hours to be with his new adopted daughter.

Note: For this review, I’m not counting the canon of the manga – especially the disturbing ending. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and stick with the anime.

1) Kenshiro

Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star anime

Anime: The Fist of the North Star

If Jotaro is masculine, then Kenshiro is the definition of masculinity.

Stoic but not without emotion, Kenshiro travels through a post-apocalyptic world to correct injustices every time he sees them.

The suffering of the innocent grips him in despair, so he uses his enormous muscles and incredible physical prowess to protect the weak.

He can starve himself for three months without losing muscle mass, and he can hear whispers miles away and even detect poison in his food by tasting it – talk about strength!

Unlike the other heroes of his time, this Mad Max look-alike is very sensitive and close to his feelings.

Like Armstrong, he proves that even the most virile man can cry in the face of tragedy.

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