So you’ve seen all those islands with stunningly designed headlights and now you want to get in on the action yourself.

You can reach the lighthouse through the Nook stop terminal and back about 5,000 miles.

But with many different headlight colors, the design possibilities are endless. Although the color you buy is the only one available, it is only temporary.

You can collect other colors by trading with other ANH players.

But suppose you’re stuck in a lighthouse and you don’t really know what to do next. Don’t leave.

I made a list of really cool lighthouses that will make your island look great!

15. by the ocean

By The Ocean Lighthouse in ACNH Image source : @nookimchi

Try this awesome lighthouse idea and you’ll be floating through the sea all day.

Here you will find everything you need to set up.

Start by choosing your favorite spot on your island by the sea. Then you can build a cliff on the shore.

If you want the same effect, add a waterfall flowing over the edge of the cliff. Small.

Just put your headlamp on the edge of a cliff and presto! Complete the look by adding flowers and shrubs as desired.

14. mini island

Mini Island with Lighthouse - ACNH Idea Image Source: Smitopy

No island is complete without a mini-island!

If you live in New England, this may be appropriate.

Start by digging a large lake on your island, but remember to leave an island in the middle of the lake with a path leading to it.

You can add a custom pattern of wooden planks to the catwalk, creating the illusion of a wooden bridge.

Make sure the bridge is also equipped with rope locks.

You can also build a rock on your island and put a lighthouse in the middle. The rock will lift it and it will be much more beautiful.

13. Downtown forest

Downtown Forest Lighthouse Idea - ACNH Image source : @C_LJ282000

Give a rustic and natural look to your island with this fantastic idea of a lighthouse hidden behind some trees.

To bring this forest to life, start with a mixture of cedar and hardwoods on the banks of your island. Any small piece of shoreline will do.

Don’t forget to add your lighthouse at the very end, near the ocean.

You can also add custom floor patterns, such as bricks. This gives it a dated look that you might find in old cities around the world.

Then finish the project by adding some brick walls and lampposts. Very 1700s!

12. the top of a cliff in winter

Lighthouse Clifftop in the Winter - ACNH Image source : @sleepyluck

This elegant countertop is very beautiful in the winter, but it can be done at any time of the year!

If you want to try this on your island, try it below :

Start by building a cliff that is wide enough. Then add a smaller cliff and you can place your lighthouse at any height. The idea above uses a lower height (you can use the higher space as a viewing platform!).

Don’t forget to add waterfalls flowing over the rocks. Even in winter they are very beautiful.

To complete the theme, you can even install a small pub on the first floor.

11. urban vibrations

Suburban Town Vibes in ACNH Image source : @randitouille

This lighthouse idea will give you some serious vibes in coastal cities. Super cute, right?

First, put a stone floor on your island, and don’t forget to screen the area with stones as well. We want it to look modern, yet more suburban/rural.

You can add a lighthouse at the end of the island, and you can also add a wind turbine as you see above. Put some custom templates here as well.

Then add it to the street and you’ll look great!

Go back to the top of the hill and turn on the rest stop with the binoculars and perhaps the automaton.

10. natural lighthouse

Natural Lighthouse Design Idea for ACNH Image source @soyaholic_.

This rustic look is perfect for those who love natural islands.

To get this view on your own island, you must first build some small cliffs near the ocean. Make sure your lighthouse is on one of the cliff edges, as close to the water as possible.

You can then decorate your rocks with a bouquet of flowers and trees. Whatever style you choose (Cottagecore can work perfectly here!).

Then add custom stone patterns to match your theme.

And complete the view with a wooden seat and some bushes nearby.

9. on the rocks

Lighthouse On the Rocks - ACNH Idea Image source : @AlasdairStuart

Not everyone knows that you can place objects directly on the rocks around your island. And I’m here to tell you that you can!

It’s such a simple design, but it’s great. Especially since it also looks very realistic and vibrant.

It’s also easy: place your lighthouse on the edge of the rocks around your beach for maximum seaside atmosphere.

You can also add the decorations you want or keep it very simple.

8. railroads

Old Train Tracks Area with Lighthouse - ACNH Source of image from @denisesaur_.

Is your island complete even if you don’t have the old city?

Perhaps you could try adding this industrial area to your island.

To make this old-fashioned abandoned station design, you first need a few ready-made models.

You need one for the metal floor and another for the railroad tracks. Easy to find online via Google, but try this too (and check out this page for more information!).

You can even create your own hazard sign with your own design!

And don’t forget to add your lighthouse to complete the look. Make sure it has a vintage look.

7. Pierce Lighthouse

Pier Lighthouse Design in ACNH Image source : @melovesgigiland

This dock should be on your island. I mean, it’s a tropical paradise, right? We need a pier!

To do this, all you have to do is get out of the big lake on your island. But don’t forget to leave a trail in the middle so you can draw a custom wood plank pattern. This way you can make your own walk on the lake.

Provide rope fencing along the edge of the walkway, as well as tree trunks.

Add your lighthouse at the beginning of the pier to complete the view.

And to spruce it up even more, you can move all your rustic houses in the area. Just to make it look a little rustic.

6. tropical lighthouse

Tropical Lighthouse Design Idea for New Horizons Image source : @_sweetieloves

Turn your island into a tropical paradise with this lighthouse.

Your beach at least does!

Start laying custom wood patio designs to mimic a walk. Here’s one to try!

You can then add your lighthouse and other matching wooden posts.

Provide a comfortable seating area, as it is the perfect place to relax and unwind on a hot day.

Finally, add lots of coconut palms and flowers, making sure to keep the beach theme.

5. on the beach

By The Beach Lighthouse Design Idea - ACNH Image source by cuckoo clock

This lighthouse will look great next to your beach. It even has the same lighthouse color scheme!

It is also very easy to make.

First you need to build a small cliff, and don’t forget to add a slope so you can easily go up.

Then you can attach your lighthouse to the top of the cliff and decorate it with flowers.

To make this space comfortable, you can put a picnic blanket on it. To do this, just use a custom design, and you can also add a pillow and other objects you want to place in the scene.

4. on the deck

On The Bridge Lighthouse Idea - ACNH Image source : @PoppyPier

Take your island to the next level with this forest fire tower.

Start by making a series of cliffs in each room where there is running water. But don’t forget to leave a dirt road that will serve as a bridge over them.

You can then add your favorite wood pattern and instantly get that classic patio look.

So don’t forget to put your lighthouse at the edge of the cliff. You can also add a series of waterfalls for soothing background sounds.

Finish with a mixture of shrubs, cedar and hardwood.

3. rural lighthouse

Rural Lighthouse Idea in ACNH Image source @melissaa_ac

This is the perfect design for rural ANH enthusiasts.

To achieve this look, simply create two large cliffs on your island with room for running water. The ideal is even better by the sea.

Make sure the bottom cliff is slightly larger than the top one, because then you can add a waterfall.

You can also dig a lake at the bottom of the rocks to reach the waterfall. Or just send it straight into the sea.

Put your lighthouse at the top and decorate the area with lots of flowers and trees. Nature at its best!

2. blue and white beach

Blue & White Beach Lighthouse Idea - ACNH Image source : @HumbleZebra

This design can easily fill in the empty spaces of your island by the sea.

If you are not sure how to decorate these spaces, well, this design is simple and perfect for any style.

Start with a blue and white striped lighthouse as close to the water as possible. A blue and white baby tent can also be added if it fits the color scheme.

Also add some hedges and flowers, and don’t forget to bring a picnic set so your residents can enjoy the summer sun.

1. the location of the artist

Painting on the beack with lighthouse - ACNH Image source : @ahnahleesa

Let’s say you love the beach and love art.

Why not set up your own paint station?

Seriously, what an incredible place for budding artists in Animal Crossing. You can even swap places at the musical instruments, or maybe get on stage for a few performances.

To make this super fun design, start by building a two-level cliff far away from your beach. Throw your lighthouse over it. Maybe add a ramp at the back so you can climb it, too.

Then you can go back and find one of the rocky areas. Turn this place into your own outdoor art studio with a few simple tools.

Don’t forget to put some artwork on the lighthouse easel to earn bonus points.

Frequently asked questions

Can you install an ANCHA beacon?

Each player has access to any lighthouse color through the Nook Stop terminal, which can be purchased for 5….,000 miles each. It is best to find other players with other colors of lighthouses and offer to trade their color for one of their own.

Can new horizons serve as beacons?

No customization options. A lighthouse is a household item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A lighthouse can be obtained from Nook Miles Redemption. As an external item, it provides 0.5 additional development points for the island rating.

What is the function of a lighthouse in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

=== In City Folk === A lighthouse is the latest attraction you can get in City Folk thanks to the City Fund by donating 1,000,000 bells. The player chooses whether to build a lighthouse or a windmill. A lighthouse has a passive charge for the rarer fish in the city where it is built.

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