If the most memorable moments in Dark Souls 3 are the epic boss battles, they’re certainly not the only enemies worth mentioning.

In fact, some of the enemies you encounter can give you such a fight that they feel even stronger than some bosses!

And that’s what this list is about – the controller collisions that make us stare at our screens, our hands out of the way, our moods broken.

Join me on this trip and check out some of our favorites!

15. Hungry hound

Hungry dog in dark souls 3 Source

In all cases of Soulsborne dogs are a basic element.

Famous for its incredible speed, ridiculous hitboxes and… Questionable attack frames, it’s not a game of souls without being killed by a teleporter dog.

14. Human Pus

Human Pus in a screenshot of Dark Souls 3 Source.

I think we all remember our first encounters with these guys.

There is nothing more surprising than an amorphous black monster of 3 meters high that emerges from an everyday void.

Their damage is insane, and they’ll shoot you if you’re low to the ground, which will probably be because it’s the first time these guys are on the high wall of the Lorraine!

13. Giant crab

Giant crab DS3 Enemy Source

Can you feel it now?

Another killer noob is not so much the difficulty of the crab, but the environment in which he finds himself.

Of course they have huge taps waving around, a devastating tackle attack and a bubble so big that it makes Squeerle jealous.

But the fact that you have to fight the first person you meet in knee-deep water is the icing on the cake.

12. Adult Leeper

Deep Faucet - Dark Souls III Screenshot Source

You’d think Groo’s only unarmed option in the game would be the easiest.


The Ghru layers are incredibly hard to touch thanks to their attacks. They jump so high that you often lose sight of them.

And then they throw themselves at you, either by hacking you hard, or by launching a grappling hook attack – which goes through the blocks – and leaving you lying dead, or wanting to be dead.

11. Black riders

Dark Knights in Dark Souls 3 Source.

Returning enemies of Dark Souls 1, the Black Knights are a formidable enemy.

If they don’t hit you with incredible damage and infinite stamina, they will attack you completely with their insane calm.

Unlike Dark Souls 1, the knights in this game are reborn even when they are at rest!

Although they may have been harder in the first episode.

10. The oldest Groo

Elderly Groo in Dark Souls 3 Source.

As you walk through the Farron marshes, you can see these imposing shadows glide across the water.

The older cranes have whole trees, which they like to pound on your little body.

They also cause swarms of hunting skulls that can distract you long enough to open your face to a tree trunk.

Their level of difficulty reaches its peak when you have several at once, leaving little room for your own attacks and you are often condemned.

9. Knight of the Northern Wanderer

Knight of the Boreal Socket - Screenshot DS3 Source

Heralds of the same boreal valley as Wardt and Dancer, the Outrider Knights are beastly warriors who become mad and deformed by the passage of time.

Fighting on all fours, with an aggressive fighting style, knights are unpredictable, fast and destructive.

They’re mini-boss-type enemies, so they don’t restart. There are three in total in the game – all fully jumpable.

Which may be the best option, at least for the first person you meet, because it’s extremely early in the sacrificial journey. It is advisable to go around the knight and come back later.

But if a player senses the challenge, it’s possible.

Note, however, that they are immune to poisons and toxins and can withstand anything but damage from darkness – which is not the case with most buildings.

8. Cursed

Deep Enemies in DS3 Source

I clearly remember the first premonition I had when I saw one of those guys fall off the ceiling for the first time.

The monstrous size of these six-legged demons is frightening enough, but that’s not all.

They attack incredibly quickly and over a wide area, creating an accumulation of curses that kill you instantly when you’re full, no matter what your current HP is.

With only 2 in the game, they are at the origin of Aldrich’s Sapphire and Ruby rings, which allow to recover resources on critical movements.

7. Animals of Sulvan

Animals of Sulwana - Screenshot DS3 Source

Like the damned, Sulivan’s beasts rise above the hairy monsters.

There’s three of them, and since they’re minivans, they don’t worry. Not that you want to.

The animals look like crocodiles and crack you with their huge jaws and have a terrifying grasping attack that can cause immediate death.

Although it can be difficult to find a time for a counterattack, they have a pathetic number of weaknesses, are extremely vulnerable to bleeding and fire, and are prone to poisoning and freezing.

6. Circle knife

Knight of the Ring in the Dark Souls 3 Source.

The inhabitants of the encircled city, the encircled knights are an exclusive enemy of the CSD.

And they’re tough guys.

During your trip you will meet groups of them roaming the streets, in pairs or with groups of clerics of different ranks, and there are 3 variations.

The sword and spear are the most common, although intimidating.

The version with the big password is the lone wolf, and with good reason: they are by far the most resilient, with lots of HP and crazy amounts of damage, range and combo potential.

And they resist everything, only darkness, magic and frost; they are weak.

Ahh, and they started over…

An absolute madman brings these guys massive, but I’m content to fight no more than necessary, thank you.

5. Knight of the Cathedral

Domritter in the Dark Souls 3 Source

Most Domritter complaints I can find online are about the big password version, but it’s the mass I have the most problems with.

In all their forms, however, these boys are terrible.

Solid range, insane damage and – in the case of the Mace version – stamina that makes boss music play in your head as they go crazy with aggression.

They can even heal you, restart you and use their power to take you down.

The Dom Knights don’t care and will crush you if they get the chance.

4. (Crawling) Mimic

(Creeping) Mimic - Screenshot DS3 Source

Before you point and laugh: No, I don’t mean I got caught by a copycat.

This place on the list is strictly reserved for the scourge of my personal existence, the imitation of crying.

I can’t find online documentation on other people fighting this guy. But my God, I’ve been destroyed every time.

He never seems to stop attacking, jumps easily over any distance and doesn’t even look at my attacks while he keeps hitting me up to the marrow.

Please tell me it’s not just me. Even after a platinum trophy and over 1000 hours in DS3, I’ll die 9 times out of 10 for this guy.

3. Prison guard

Hostile prisoner in DS3 Source

Dude, maybe it’s just the Iritil dungeon where I live.

The guards make me depressed. Not even because I die so many times for them, but just because they can.

Just being close to the dungeon master lowers your maximum horsepower – and by low I mean low, but that wears off after 20 seconds and your maximum horsepower goes up again! Cool, cool, cool.

But that brings you real HP…. doesn’t…

So basically, these guys kill you by being around you, and according to God, there are a lot of them.

In addition, welding attacks prevent you from drinking Estus and avoiding it, which greatly increases the load on your equipment.

Then they continue with a very dangerous attack.

Although they are not necessarily a threat in themselves, as a group they are frightening, and the multitude of problems they cause only makes them…. boring.

2. Corvidian Knight

Screenshot of Bird Knights on DS3 Server Source

Another exclusive DLC enemy with a lot to say.

But let’s keep it short in case I start blowing.

The knives these guys throw shouldn’t exist. They are snipers, and if you get too close / don’t dodge / blink more than once, they will hit you and kill you.

I’m gonna kill you. For a false attack animation ~1 second.

They never seem to stop and keep attacking, each doing obscene damage with hitboxes that make you wonder if the screen is real?

It’s best to hope you catch them before they see you, because once they’re warmed up, you can put your controller away and have a bite to eat instead.

1. Giant hosesHuman

Giant human snakes in Dark Souls 3 Source.

Found on Archdragon, the Snake People (even in smaller variants) seem to have a good reputation among the players.

By consensus, giant snake people with their massive axis-based weapons are the most desirable enemies I can find online.

And while I personally find that Corvian’s facial expressions or crawling *dirt* are stronger, I can see what people mean.

They just have a crazy range – especially the chain axis option (the way he passed the QA, he could hit you halfway on the map with that thing).

You can parry them, but if you stand in front of that axe with a parry dagger and take copper bullets, even Duke Nukem would blush like a schoolgirl.

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