Gold is a powerful color.

Used correctly, this color scheme can perfectly accentuate what you are trying to create. But doing too much can be painful to watch.

Either way, you’ll have an experience you’ll never forget!

Shiny Pokémon can easily go all out, and there are many yellow and gold colors.

So, which of these colorful sequins is the most memorable? We’ll find out.

15. Sirfetch’d

Sirfetch’d is one of my favorite new Pokémon in Sword and Shield.

Literally, he takes Farfetch and turns him into a white knight.

But you know what’s better than white?


The brilliant Sirfetch goes from white knight to paladin: a soldier sent by God himself.

This virtuous mallard rises as a true symbol of all that is lawful and good.

The only change I would like to see is a change in the color of the sword and shield.

Unfortunately, we still rely on leeks. Maybe it’s more like The Onion Knight….

14. Barbaugh

Every time I make one of these brilliant lists, I’m surprised by the Pokémon.

Something very obscure, but it stands out for some reason.

This time, that Pokémon is the Barbouch.

Barboach is normally a silver Pokémon with some blue highlights. You know, like a fish.

But when it shines, Barbouch’s blue accents turn golden. Suddenly, it’s elegant.

Silver and gold are (of course) always a great combination, just listen to the song of the red-nosed deer Rudolph.

And even though Barbouche looks a little strange, he’s great.

13. Volcano

Now we go from elegant to incredibly rough.

Volcano is an amazing legend with a unique two-tone water/fire swing that is normally red and blue.

Then you look at the shiny version and it really hurts your eyes.

Vulcan is now gold in color with pink and sky blue accents.

It looks like a precious bracelet worn by someone’s sulky aunt.

But here’s why I love it!

One of the great qualities of gold is that it can be beautiful or ugly. Sometimes you just want a shiny, memorable Pokémon – and a shiny Volcanion fits that bill.

12. Crab

I love crabs.

I have nothing against shellfish.

I have decapods.

And that’s why I loved Crabby the first time I saw it. And while I love the original orange color, I love the glittery gold shape.

Instead of bright yellow, the Krabby appears covered in gold paint.

It’s a little more subtle and really gives Crabby a classy look.

I mean, look at this thing: He’s covered in gold, has his chin up and looks straight at you. It’s a Royal Pokémon.

If he is gold, Crabby is definitely the king of crabs.

11. Altar

Altaria has a very nice design.

Instead of the fearsome dragons we’re used to, Altaria seems to emerge from the clouds that form her wings.

He’s probably the friendliest dragon around!

But because Altaria is a genius, he goes even further in his cloud theme.

Instead of blue skin, Altaria turned bright yellow. Pokémon now looks like the sun is shining through the clouds.

This is really cool, and I really wish it was a basic model!

The glitter altar reminds me of the Teletubbies’ childlike sunshine:

He’s happy, innocent, and will probably kill us all if we’re not careful.

10. Galaric Zapdos

I grew up with the first Pokémon games and I love everything about them.

So when I saw the shins of the legendary Gallary birds, I was ecstatic.

Each has its own color scheme with original shapes, and it works wonderfully for the Galarian Zapdos.

But instead of drawing attention to the big pointy yellow mass that is Zapdos’ body, I actually draw Zapdos’ Galarian feet.

Which is good, because that’s what Zapdos Galarien is, with his Thunderstrike move.

It’s also much better than Zapdos’ original shiny form.

Seriously, look at this. It’s barely a color change. It must be one of the worst.

9. Lucario

Lucario is by far one of the most popular Pokémon in the world.

It’s powerful, looks cool and has been used in several video games.

And with its shiny form, Lucario’s blue and yellow fur swaps places.

But it also gives Pokémon a whole different feel. Instead of a stoic martial arts master, the bright colors make Lucario angry. Its red eyes stand out more than before, and I have a feeling it’s a Pokémon that can kill.

The only reason Lucario isn’t higher on my list is because Smash Bros.

And there are so many other color combinations I prefer!

8. Azumaril

When I was little, I used to go to my great aunt’s house and look for eggs.

While everyone was painting and delivering eggs, there was always one golden egg that was better than the others because it had money in it!

Azumarill is the golden egg.

I mean, look at this. Azumarill is an aquarium rabbit Pokémon, and it’s shaped like an egg!

You mean it’s not a reference to Easter?

This works really well because it looks like the top half has been dipped in egg paint while the bottom half is still white.

And Azumaril is a great Pokémon. Use it somehow.

7. Commo-o

The Vulcan shocked me a bit with its bright color combination of gold and pink.

And while it can be abrasive, I think it works really well with the Commo-o.

Commo-o’s shiny skin is now bright yellow instead of gray. And the bright yellow scales are now bright pink.

It reminds me of those poisonous reptiles with bright colors so you know how dangerous they are.

In its original form, Commo-o is a fighter.

How the brilliant Commo-o is a wild animal.

6. Solution

We go (again) from something strong and obvious to something more subtle.

While many expected Reshiram and Zekrom to just change colors with their glitter, Game Freak chose a completely different path.

In sequins, Reshiram’s neck and tail rings changed from white to gold.

This change makes Reshiram much more ethereal.

These aren’t just random bits of complex design, they’re halos now.

Combine that with the fact that Reshiram’s eye color changes from blue to red, and you have a Pokémon that looks truly legendary.

He also seems much better suited for his fire game.

5. Stakataka

The many Pokémon on this list looked like trinkets or treasures of a sort.

But one looks like a whole golden temple.

Stakataka has changed from a big brick building to an old golden palace.

The shiny Stakataka is said to be explored by Indiana Jones. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was full of traps and skeletons.

On top of that, Stakataka is over 18 feet long and weighs over 1,800 pounds.

Yeah, I’d say Stakataka is great. And I love the shine.

4. Pilosoin

Alolan Dugtrio with surfer’s hair was one of the funniest things about Sun and Moon.

But did you know that the Pokémon games already have a surfer brother?

The brilliant Piloswine trades her brown coat for lush golden curls. And I fucking love it.

I was already a fan of the little mammoth pig. But now I’m all excited.

I just want to hang out on the beach with this thing!

The highlight is probably the bushy eyebrows.

This takes Piloswin from old and wise to more stoner. But I guess it’s kind of wise.

3. Meat

Meowstick has always had a cool gimmick, with the distinction between male and female forms.

Not only do they look different, but they work very differently.

The Meowstic male has the ability to support thieves, while the Meowstic female is a fast sweeper with Infiltrator.

While they already look great as a pair, I think they shine even better.

The bright yellow, not blue, makes him look like he’s part of high society.

Mrs. Meow is wearing a nice yellow scarf and a hat. She looks like a selfish socialite.

Man Meowstick looks good too, but I like it for a different reason:

He just looks like Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog.

2. Galaran hammers

It may seem odd that the Galarian Moltres is so far removed from the Galarian Zapdos.

They are both a tribute to the original plans!

But while Zapdos Galarien reminds me of the Pokémon I used to love, the shiny Moltres Galarien looks better than either form.

Ordinary Galarian Moltras are like Yveltal.

The original moltras look like they stuck the flame on a regular bird.

The brilliant Galarian Moltres looks absolutely hideous.

The flames match his wings beautifully. And his orange face and legs make him really scary.

I believe it can consume the spirit of any being it touches.

Moltres Galarien Shiny is one of the best Shiny Pokémon of all time.

But when it comes to shiny golden Pokémon, there’s one that always comes to mind first: …..

1. Magicarp

That’s it. The perfect golden Pokémon.

The Golden Pokémon against which all other Golden Pokémon are measured.

Brilliant Magikarp is famous, right next to Brilliant Gyarados.

When you catch a golden magikarp, you really look forward to catching a magikarp!

Plus, I have a personal connection.

I played Magikarp Jump once, fully trained a shiny Magikarp, and immediately got another shiny Magikarp!

It must be luck, right?

Overall, the shiny magikarp is beautiful, rare, and fairly useless. Like gold in real life.

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