Owning a genius Pokémon – whatever it is – is a matter of pride.

However, it takes a lot of luck or a lot of effort (or cheating?) to include one of these alternative colour schemes in your game.

And if you’re already investing in a watch to make you shine, you might as well go for a cool watch.

If, like me, you have a penchant for fire types, you can choose from some pretty impressive shiny creatures. Let’s look at some of the best.

15. Delphox

Shiny Delphox.

Although it’s called a Pokémon Fox in the Pokédex, this type of Fire Sycho looks more like a Shinto priest or even a shaman because of his cloak.

To the mystical aesthetics is added their fire stick, a stick that is ignited and used to channel their forces.

Some even say that they see the future in flames, like the priest R’hllor in the GOT.

While the original bright colours of Delphox are beautiful, the shiny version has a grey and purple fur coat with some deep red accents. This gives it a sinister look that fits better with the overall design.

14. Alolan Marovac

Alolan Marovac Pokemon

Marovac has been popular with his fans since his first performance at Pokémon Red & Blue.

And the recently introduced Alolan version has made it even more attractive.

Known as the Pokémon bone guard, this boss wears his mother’s skull on his head to protect himself from her. Alolan’s version goes even further and seems to practice some kind of spiritual magic.

Like a man of fire and spirit, he just fits.

Alolan Marovac’s original all-black color palette is quite cool. It goes well with the whole shamanic look! But the allure of the indigo flake and the black belly of the shiny version is undeniable.

13. Magcargo

Brilliant Magcargo.

Originally from Johto and introduced in the second generation, Magcargo is a magma snail with a shell on its back made of thin volcanic rock – hence the fire-rock typography.

The original colour of Magcargo is the colour one expects from this description: a warm red magma body with an obsidian shell.

In his shiny version his body is bright purple and his shell is reddish in colour. It looks like a melting jewellery fusion and is an unmissable show.

Maggargo can also have the Magma Armor or Flame Body capacity. Both are perfect for faster egg hatching, which can help raise brilliant Pokémon through international breeding.

12. Volcarona

Type of fire Volkarona shiny

Volkarona is known as the Pokémon of the Sun because it has the ability to ignite its scales and burn brightly as our favourite star.

It can also spread these fire flakes by flapping its wings, making it a real fire hazard.

This type of beetle/fire beetle of course has fantastic colours in its standard shape.

But I prefer his brilliant version.

The shiny design has a purple main body with some mustard yellow accents and wings, creating a nice contrast. It seems to be a treasure that lies deep in the Egyptian pyramids – which is appropriate, given that Volkarona can only be locked in the relic castle.

11. Centiscorch

Brilliant Santiscorch

One of the 8 cool new generation children is Centiskorch.

He’s more of a hot neighborhood kid.

Known as the Pokémon stove, this type of fire/insect is known for its ability to reach stupidly high temperatures.

While the original colours of this Pokémon Galar are usually red, the glossy version adds some contrast by making the back and small legs steel blue.

10. Embar

Brilliant relief

A Pokédex Pokémon described as a Mega Fire Pig Pokémon…. I mean, it’s gotta be cool.

Embar is a kind of firefighter who is part of the Gen V launch team. Or rather, the ultimate evolution.

Because he’s one of the best starters of the fire, he’s pretty tough in battle. I mean, you can really show it if you can hit the shiny thing.

All of Emboar’s primary colours are warm enough, as befits a firelighter, but the shine can’t be otherwise.

His current skin seems to keep the same color. But most of his clothes have an electric blue tint that’s just beautiful to look at.

It’s a stark contrast to the warm color of your skin. His fiery beard turns purple too, which is just awful.

9. Ponita

Shiny Ponita

Classic Pokémon of the Fire Horse: A pure firehorse that has existed since the beginning of time.

With its light body and powerful legs, this pony can make its way through the fields at breakneck speed. Because the shiny shape has a fiery blue mane, you might be tempted to call your own shiny Ponyta Sonic.

You might wonder why I chose Ponita over Rapidash, and the reason is simple. I like the look of Ponitas’ electric blue mane, but it turns purple once it develops.

Sounds good, but not particularly exciting.

If you like the shiny purple look, this is an article you should read.

8. Campert

Brilliant Chamberlain

Camerupt may not be the most popular Pokémon of all time. But it’s actually quite powerful – and if you don’t like the earthy colour palette, you can try to get a brilliant version of it.

When it lights up, it wears a black jacket with bright yellow accents, like the umbrella.

It looks like someone put them both through the Pokémon Fusion Generator, and that’s how we got the super sprite.

Did I find anything?

Well, Camerupt has been around since the third generation, but he has recently gained more love in the form of the Mega Evolution, which is impressive even in its brilliant version.

7. Salazzle

Shiny Salazzle

Salazzle is one of those Pokémon that are real monsters in Game Freak.

I mean, a sensual female lizard that lures the males with pheromones and commands an inverted harem of simple salandites?

His name should be A-Girl Pokémon.

Anyway, this Poison/Fire has a design that kills – and it’s just as beautiful in its shiny shape, replacing the black scales with white ones. Actually, it’s just like Easy Fury from How to Train Your Dragon.

6. Oricorio with bullets

Pokémon Oricorio de Baile Style

I love Pokémon in many forms.

The Oricorio is one of the coolest, because each of its forms is inspired by its culture and folk dancing.

The Baile Style Oricorio imitates Spanish flamenco dancers, the feathers taking on the appearance of a traditional flamenco dress. They are usually red, but can have any color – even black, like the shiny version of Oricorio.

This type of fire/flight can bathe his opponents in a beautiful fire while he dances all night long.

5. Heat meter

Brilliant warmth

Heathmore’s a pretty scary creature. Not only can this anteater breathe fire, but it also looks like a steampunk with exhaust pipes and hoses all over his body.

The only less threatening thing about this type of fire is the colour scheme, which makes it look like a combination of bright colours.

That is, unless you’re looking at the brilliant version.

Bright heat replaces bright colours with something darker and much more dangerous.

The dark colors with bright red stripes look like moving lava, and there’s nothing worse than lava (unless you’re a snail, which is just cute).

4. Primeval Grudon

Brilliant crudona primordial

Normally, there’s no need to explain why legendary Pokémon are cool.

After all, it’s legendary.

But why did I choose Primal Groudon instead of his standard form for this exam?

While the average Groudon has the same color palette in regular and primeval forms, the glossy version completely changes the game.

Where the shiny Grudon is a strange olive green, the brilliant shape of the Grudon Primal gives a completely black coat with golden accents. Sounds too cool to be true.

But you will also notice a bit of Grudon’s normal brilliant olive colour in the claws of primeval Grudon.

3. Chandelier

Shiny chandelier

One of my favourite Pokémon in Gen V is Candelabra, a Spirit/Fire-like creature that looks like a chandelier.

According to the Pokedex, these creatures were used by humans to illuminate their homes at night. This must have made the glow of Candlelight very popular at the time, because the colour of their flame is a healthy red-orange like a normal fire, instead of the spooky blue of the normal variety.

This Pokémon also has a flame-body capacity, making it ideal for faster egg incubation when breeding brilliant Pokémon using the Masuda method.

So if you want to come out with glitter, it’s time to work with Lustre Glitter.

2. Ho-Oh

Brilliant Ho-Oh.

Ho-O is known by the inhabitants of Johto as the guardian of heaven and is the patron saint of the legend of the region and the polar opposite of Lugia.

With its colourful feathers, the Pokédex Ho-Oh is called the Rainbow Pokémon. But this type of Fire/Fly can be very different in its shiny shape.

Shiny Ho-Oh has gold and silver feathers – which is very appropriate considering that it was introduced during the creation of the Pokémon Gold & Silver generation.

An incredible red color if you can get it somehow….

1. Wizard

Brilliant Wizard

Charizard is one of the most popular Pokémon in the world for a variety of reasons.

Not only was she the coolest debutante in the original games, but she also played an important role in the anime series. And Game Freak has given him a lot of love over the years – as evidenced by his two mega-evolutions.

Charizard’s shiny scales are replaced by an all black coat and the inside of the wings turns dark red, strangely reminiscent of fresh blood.

The black and red dragon is simply every child’s dream, and its attraction has never hesitated.

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