These last few years have not exactly been what I would call motivations.

With everything going on, it’s easy to lose your energy.

A good way to avoid mass discouragement, besides burying yourself, is to read a great inspired manga.

I did the work to put together some of the best inspirational tracks, all in a different sense of the word. I hope this list will inspire at least something in you.

15. Silver flowers

The story is about Hana, a girl who follows in her mother’s footsteps. But the story of his mother is not happy at all.

Her family and strangers avoid her and shame her just for dancing on a pole.

It forces Hana to make an appearance with a veil to hide her identity.

The series can be a bit heavy at times, as the main idea is to break through society’s stigma and false expectations.

But that’s what makes it exciting. The main character continues to pursue her passion regardless of what others say.

14. Sakurasu no Pet in Kanojo

Immersion in a group of seemingly superior beings is something many people can probably identify with.

When the protagonist is sent to a dormitory of struggling students to take care of a senseless artistic genius, he realizes that he is really just an ordinary person.

On the path of inferiority complexes, personal development and the search for one’s own path in life, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo offers an entertaining but interesting story.

13. Great Teacher Onizuka

Considered a classic, The Great Professor Onizuka is a humorous masterpiece with many silly but hilarious antics.

But we’re not going to mention Onizuka on that list.

The series has a class full of struggling students, and it’s hard not to find a character you can relate to.

From family problems to financial dilemmas to childhood, the great Professor Onizuka addressed a range of common issues.

From this perspective, there are also many different ways in which these characters develop.

12. Blue Giant

By following the story of a high school student who dies while pursuing his passion, Blue Giant shows how tenacity can go a long way.

The beauty of jazz and the softness of the saxophone are an interesting combination that is difficult to separate.

Despite the absence of music or color in the manga, Blue Giant still manages to bring out the musician’s cheerful and colorful world.

Getting the full support of family and friends is a bit of a rarity when it comes to music in real life, but this series gives a glimpse of what it can be fun to do when things are going in the right direction.

11. Kokou no Hito

It’s not every day you see a manga about unusual sports.

Here we are!

Faced with a mysterious past, Bantarou Mori is transferred to a new school in the countryside. There he discovers he has an innate talent for mountain climbing.

Kokou no Hito explains mountaineering well to the layman, that is, to me, and at the same time lets him know more.

However, this series is not limited to climbing some big walls and mountains. It also represents very well the comfort of insulation.

10. Eyepiece 21

Another classic on the list, Eyeshield 21 is one of the sports manga that influenced my personal ideals.

Although he was just starting out in a difficult physical sport, Sena Kobayakawa pushed him to improve.

He spent hours training his body and putting tactics into his head.

He even went through the death march to reach new heights.

Coupled with an absurd comedy, Eyeshield 21 offers a good balance of seriousness, humor and motivation.

9. Machida no. Sekai (Machida world)

Machida-kun no Sekai offers a surprisingly complex form of inspiration.

The main character is an average person (lower than average in some ways), but is liked by family, friends, and classmates.

The point is, he’s not doing anything out of the ordinary.

He’s just a guy with no superpowers. He is naturally friendly and helpful.

Although the interaction seems simple and mundane, this series manages to make it interesting by adding some sort of moral at the end.

8. Haikyuu!!!!

Haikyuu!!! it’s one of my favorite sports manga for a damn good reason.

Although she doesn’t have the right equipment, team or training, Hinata continues to do what she wants to do.

The intrigue and art of haikyu!!!

He talks about Hinata’s journey and how things have improved along the way. He’s not the only one. The other characters have also grown in terms of abilities and personality.

Like the great master Onizuka, Haikyuu!!! has a variety of fun characters. But in Haikyuu! !! They’re good parents!

7. Bakuman

A little lesson in banality:

Bakuman’s illustrator Takeshi Obata and his writer Tsugumi Ohaba are also the illustrator and writer of Death Note respectively.

Bakuman is another famous classic about the process of manga creation.

From design to pitching to weekly meetings, this series showcases the manga industry in a whole new way.

Since the main characters are two high school students pursuing their dream of becoming mangaka, there is plenty of room for both of them to improve.

And Bakuman takes the time to show it.

6. days

Like Eye Shield 21, the protagonist of this series is drawn into the unknown world of sports after a fateful encounter.

When the weak and shy Tsukushi Tsukamoto is invited to play football, he falls in love with it.

But football, like most team sports, is not something you can become good at overnight.

Tsukamoto is working hard to get on the starting list of one of the energy schools. However, his dedication and passion for improvement never wavers, and he keeps running no matter what.

5. Jin no Saji (Silver Spoon)

Who says the country is a boring place?

A lot of people, but I don’t agree with it at all.

The silver spoon represents the landscape in all its glory.

It has everything to do with farming and lots of comedy.

The story begins with the main character breaking down under pressure from his parents and deciding to attend an agricultural school instead. A man without dreams is suddenly surrounded by a whole group of agricultural experts.

As he learns more about farming and takes on many challenges, he learns more about himself and what he really wants to do in life.

4. Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

Many people probably already know Koe no Katachi after his successful film was shown on the big screen.

The story revolves around a deaf girl who is intimidated by a boy.

However, the situation worsened considerably when the girl went to school.

Your bully is a victim of bullying.

In an attempt to make amends, the boy searched five years later and found the girl.

All this happens only in the first chapter.

Koe no Katachi’s pattern of numbness, and the way society responds to it, is perfect.

And the emotions, character development and reactions are also very real.

3. Iris zero

We are in a world where there are super powers called Iris.

Toru Mizushima, the one without the iris, just wants to live on the sidelines.

His policy of minimal influence is threatened when the most famous girl in the school asks him for a favor.

Although it sounds like an action manga, Iris Zero is actually a problem solver with a good mix of romance and humor.

Despite Iris’ disappearance, Thor manages to solve one problem after another with the help of his friends.

2. Blue period

Blue Period revolves around Yator Yaguchi, a high school student who finds his normal life boring.

Like the other entries on this list, her life changed after a fateful day.

He realizes his passion for art after finishing a job.

But to get good at art you either need an innate artistic talent, lots of practice, or both.

Yator has neither.

He is so ordinary that even he has recognized his ordinary nature. But that doesn’t stop him from pursuing his newly realized dream.

The biggest benefit of this series is that no matter what your average is, you will improve after a ton of exercises!

1. Unique piece

One Piece is one of my favorites.

The long journey of the Straw Pirates had an impact on my personal life and helped shape my personal faith.

The art of the series is not particularly exceptional in the early chapters. But after decades of serialization, it has grown exponentially.

What I like most about One Piece is the way each character has a belief and lives it.

Luffy makes sure none of his friends get hurt, while Sanji makes sure he doesn’t waste a single crumb of food.

Additionally, One Piece recently celebrated its 1000th episode. The chapter has been reached, so it’s a treasure chest waiting to be unlocked (if it hasn’t already).

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