Today we are talking about Yu-Gi-Oh– total luck and no skill!

Who doesn’t love a chance to earn your friend’s trust?

I’m going to count some of the best dice in the game here.

And I’d say there’s a 1 in 6 chance you’ll find a card you want to use (although, let’s face it, if you’re stuck for dice cards, you might want to check out one of our other rankings)!

15. These six

Let’s start with the fact that we have these six. This card changes each die roll to 6 or 1 – odd numbers become 6 and even numbers become 1.

At first glance, that sounds very useful, doesn’t it?

Well, not exactly… Usually you want the other numbers you see on the whole list.

But for some dice, this card is useful. But it hinders rather than helps.

14. Roller cylinder

Second on that list is a roulette set.

This card allows you to roll 2 dice once per turn. You choose one of the results and you have the opportunity to destroy 1 monster on the field whose Level is equal to the die roll.

Early in the game (and with a little luck), this card is actually pretty good.

But once you get to the middle or end of the game, some monsters will have more than 6 stars, making this card somewhat useless.

13. Spider wheel

Don’t drive on 1, don’t drive on 1, don’t drive on 1…. Oh, come on!

You can activate this card when an opponent’s monster makes an attack. You roll the dice, and if you roll a 1, you cut your record in half (yes, it’s as bad as it sounds).

Scroll 2 attacks your disk directly.

By scrolling 3, you can change the target of the attack to another monster you control.

Scroll 4 allows you to turn the target of the attack into a monster controlled by your opponent.

Roll 5 to cancel the attack, and the opponent suffers damage equal to that of the attacking ATK monsters.

And if you get a six, the opponent’s monster is destroyed.

Lots of mistakes (the first or second pitch is just straight, it’s worse than not playing this card). And it has few advantages (a 3 can be good, and a 4, 5 or 6 is useful, but not worth the risk of losing half your disk).

12. Blind Commitment

Black hole in the playing cards, we have Blind Engagement in 12th place.

Throw 2 dice and destroy all monsters which are open and whose level is lower than the sum obtained.

This means that if you drive even slightly above average, you have the potential to destroy every (open) monster on the field.

The downside is that you don’t need to activate this card if you have many monsters on your side of the field.

If your opponent has cards open and only 1 monster open, it’s not really worth using.

11. Sixth sense (prohibited)

Here we have the sixth sense, which would be much higher on the list if competing solutions weren’t banned…. but I’ve included it anyway for those who want a more relaxed experience (in my defense, you’re looking at cards based on dice rolls).

This card allows the player to choose two numbers from 1 to 6.

The opponent rolls the dice. If a die roll matches a number you have chosen, you draw as many cards as possible.

Otherwise, put the number of cards from the top of your deck into your graveyard.

Let’s just say it’s banned for a reason.

10. Dice roll

By narrowly making it into the top ten, we have a roll of the dice!

Okay, technically it’s not a dice card. But you can roll dice of other cards with it, which is why I count it (but it’s always at the bottom of the list).

This card takes this spot on the rankings because it can save you if you make a bad throw.

But since it’s a one-off, it can’t be moved up the list. But honestly: If you could use it at every turn, it would be a bit broken.

9. Needle wall

Oh, wall of needles, you have so much potential …. Let me just give you the right …. number. With pleasure.

Once per turn in the waiting phase you may roll the dice with this card. Your opponent’s monster area is treated as 1-5 from right to left.

If you return a number that has a monster on the corresponding field, destroy it.

This card is useful if your opponent has many monsters, but if he only has one, it can look like a move in the dark.

8. Dicefun

In the middle of this ranking is Dicefun.

After activation you roll the dice. 2, 3 or 4 allow you to destroy 1 spell or trap card on the field.

Roll 5 allows you to destroy 2 Spell or Trap cards on the field.

But a roll of 1 or 6 means 1,000 damage.

The chance of taking damage is 1 in 3, which (all things considered) is not bad for a list based on dice rolls.

Besides, Dicefun is a fast-acting spell. This means that you can play your own move as well as your opponent’s, making it very versatile.

7. dice cup

This card is my favorite on the list because it can radically change the course of a game.

After the round, both players roll the dice. The player with the highest score forfeits his x500 roll to his opponent.

However, if a player rolls a 6, the opponent suffers 6000 damage. Yes, you read it correctly: 6,000 damages.

The beauty of this card is that you can rotate it over and over again with cards like the Book of the Moon and the Book of Taiyu. And cards like the Cyber Kirin allow you to avoid harming yourself, which means you can avoid any risk under certain circumstances.

The downside to this card is that if you don’t have a deck based entirely on it, you can just put yourself in OTK (One Turn Kill).

But if you are one of the risk takers, this is the best card for you.

6. Max. six

As the name suggests, Maximum Six is the 6th on the list.

If this card calls for a tribute, roll the dice.

This card gets an ATK equal to a roll x 200, which means you can have a level 6 monster with 2900ATK, which is absolutely crazy.

Even if you get a low number like 1 or 2, it will usually be higher than any monster level 4 or lower, making this card very powerful early in the game. And always (potentially) dangerous in the middle or end of the game.

5. Skull cube

We just miss the top 5, we have the skull bones and their equivalent not far above.

You can roll cranial dice, and all monsters controlled by an opponent lose ATK and DEF points, a roll of 100 until the end of the turn.

As a card trap, you can use it after your opponent has attacked. This could lead them to destroy their own monster, if they’re lucky!

4. Grace Cube

The reason Cube of Grace ranks above Skull is that Cube of Grace can be played as a fast-acting spell on both your turn and your opponent’s turn.

Unlike dice, which can only be played in your opponent’s turn.

The reason for this is that you can potentially end the game if your monsters have slightly more ATK than if you survive your opponent’s attack.

Both Graceful Bones and Skull Bones can be very useful in casual settings. But like most of these cards, they’re not as viable in more competitive games.

3. Magic Hammer

With the bronze medal for best dice throw, we have… The Hammer of Time!

The effect here is just mental.

When this card is Special Summoned, equip it to another face-up monster on the field. When fighting an opponent’s monster, you can roll one die – banish the opponent’s monster for the number of turns you get.

It’s a bit long-winded, but the bottom line is that you can banish an enemy monster between 1 and 6 turns. And because this card stays equipped, you can use it until the monster is destroyed with it.

The only drawback to this card is that it must be summoned by the Claw of Hermos with a banishing monster.

Obviously, this is hard to do with a random deck of cards. And you need to build at least part of your deck around these cards if you want to use Time Magic Hammer consistently without letting it rise on the list.

2. Snipe

Second place – Snipe Hunter.

At first glance, this card doesn’t seem particularly solid.

However, the effect more than makes up for this.

After you have discarded a card from your hand, you can point a random card at the field and then roll the dice. If the card lands on anything other than a 1 or a 6, the card is destroyed.

Remember that there is a one in three chance of destroying a card on the field, and that card can always attack at the cost of discarding a card from your hand.

Snipe Hunter can be used without any other cube card and will be incredibly valuable in your game.

1. Sum of the cubes

The first card on the list is the Summon Dice, the most common and usually the most profitable.

With Summon Dice you can pay 1000LP and roll a die.

By scrolling 1 or 2, you can summon 1 monster in the normal order (allowing you to double the normal summoning per turn).

If you have 3 or 4, you can specially summon a monster from your graveyard, providing useful support in the middle and end game.

If you roll a 5 or 6, you can summon a monster of level 5 or higher from your hand.

All of these effects can really turn the tide of battle, and it’s all worth 1000LP.

Note that you can only use one Summon die per turn. But honestly, that’s all you really need.

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