In a strange, disturbing and sometimes downright scary year, video games have become a must-have activity for some people, whether they are long-term gamers, veterans returning to a controller after a break, or newcomers looking for a new way to rest or reliably socialise with their peers during periods of pandemic confinement. It is a small gift, so much so that it was also the pennant of the year to play exceptional games.

Below are some suggestions on what to play and what for. Since these are games where few things are fundamental – some games require certain gadgets. Let me give you some valuable advice.

Here are the 11 best video games you should play:

1] Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Simulator - TechMobi

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Series has been a full-fledged virtual director for almost 40 years, inspiring countless players to experience real flight training and giving countless others a piece of the sky. The latest member of the series continues this satisfied habit and, in accordance with the physics of the flight materials of life, combines absolutely stunning designs and the most practical replica of planet Earth is in fact the elegance of a computer game for an undeniably demanding game insight. Probably challenge the most difficult business flow you’ve ever had to bring to the table, or cover your old cake hole in a lazy cup and wonder what position to take – the choice is yours.

An Xbox variant is being developed on the PC.

2] Service call: War Zone

11 best video games - TechMobi

Free expansion of Call of Duty 2019 : Modern Warfare, Warzone is a teeming Fortnit-style shooter with a plot that is hardly unique enough to find. Most clones of Fortnite missed their target, but the systems, techniques and movements of Warzone allowed long pauses because we invested more and more energy in the house during containment. In addition, developer Infinity Ward continues to participate in powerful seasons, map changes and better approaches to playing this extraordinary and immersive game.

Available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

3] Ori and the will of the wise.

11 best video games - TechMobi

The long-awaited swarm of Lunar Studios, Ori and the Forest of the Blind, does exactly what a swarm should do: He expands his archetype to make the world even more unpredictable, more beautiful and more beautiful. In the introduction to the game, Ori and a large group of other cute characters kiss and take care of a baby owl. He’ll be miserable anyway if the Ori and the winged animal are cut off.

At this stage, the player goes through a perfectly delivered scene and overcomes an ongoing mystery in a tragic reunion journey. The enormous size of the game, unlike the archetypes, means that certain subtleties are lost in the mix, as well as the player who misses some important flip-flops. Yet the challenges to be faced call for imagination and the landscape is thought-provoking.

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4] Animal cross: New Horizons

11 best video games - TechMobi

The unofficial Animal Crossroads Spring Pandemic Tour: New Horizons is the latest addition to Nintendo’s long history of test console development. This time you will be dropped off on an island where you (and some anthropomorphs) are charged with setting up a network and paying off your debt to the industrialist of the raccoon dog that brought you there. Once you don’t structure things in front of your home, you can take advantage of New Horizon’s extensive network of players who party, play in a turnip-tribal-powered market and undoubtedly allow TV shows to take place entirely on their uniquely designed virtual islands.

5] Between us

11 best video games - TechMobi

The Double Deal is a situation in Among Us, a kind of automated clue that will undoubtedly attract an impostor on your spaceship. Several players, called teammates, are responsible for playing mini-ship repair games, and Impostor to annoy and discreetly slaughter the teammates. Duplicate someone? Organize a conference to discuss the identity of the imposter and then vote to throw him or her into the void of the room – be careful, because you can’t be right.

The childlike, hand-drawn look and wilderness suitable for teenagers inspired the first online games, and their growing popularity among young gamers led celebrities such as American representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to use the game as a stage to meet voters wherever they are. Partly due to the social background, partly due to anarchy, Among Us may have been staged in 2018, but it is not surprising that this year is inevitably ubiquitous.

Available on iOS, Android, PC.

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6] The last of our part II

11 best video games - TechMobi

The dystopian The Last of Us Part II takes many big hits that will bewilder, confuse and even furious many players – but they also carry with them an intriguing danger. The sequel follows Ellie, complete and still safe from the infection that has turned a large part of humanity into zombies, as she struggles with the consequences of the ethically questionable choices made by her father, Joel, in the main game.

Ally is regularly alone, which is a pity because the creator of Naughty Dog in the series The Last of Us and Uncharted has reliably dominated the creation of links through chatting. Anyway, their despair serves as a visible story: As Ellie loses her human connection and becomes obsessed with revenge, her enemies become more and more human characters. Feelings are shared, the player is faced with a progressive crush of the good problems. The end will be with you for some time, even years.

7] Spider-Man: Mili Morales

11 best video games - TechMobi

When you think of Spider-Man, you might think of a strange white man named Peter Parker. Still, New York has a second web service, which this time takes the microphone and gets more and more in the spotlight. The creepy man: Miles Morales develops the 2018 Spider-Man, which puts you in the shoes of a black Puerto Rican high school student who moves from Brooklyn to Harlem and secures the city while his trainer is on the run. The game captures the feeling of the feverish transition from working to building and fighting offenders in a snowy New York City. Morales explores the horrors of developing camaraderie, his relationship with his mother and his new team to protect Harlem (and the rest of the city) from the bad guys.

Available on PlayStation

8] Hades

11 best video games - TechMobi

Games like Rebel that revolve around problems, replayability and recovered passages are likely to be elegant for another decade, but Hades marks the most sublime peak of the subspecies. In this breathtaking racing game, players play as the infernal child Zagreus trying to escape the hidden Greek world by facing eminent saints and gaining the support of the entire pantheon. The skill is divine, the custom combat is great and the movement system is motivating. Abbadon tells how the story can unfold in a game that is meant to be played over and over again.

Available on Nintendo Switch, macOS and PC.


11 best video games - TechMobi

It’s hard to say exactly what Crafty Escape is, but at the same time it sounds really cool. There are also skates and animals. Here’s the general pattern: About to make his first appearance, Francis Vendetti struggles with the tradition of a dead social legend and the great deviations of his own creative spirit.

10] Fall Boys

11 best video games - TechMobi

What happens when you combine Mario Partee’s minigame mania with Fortnite’s Weight Loser Royal Battle? Val guys, here’s the problem. Surprisingly simple multiplayer chaos has been a welcome break during our pandemic summer, and the way players often have to work together to ensure individual triumph gives the false sense of a deeper message that the childish interpretation can offer. Also, as with Animal Crossing, it is a welcome rejection of the possibility that games are charming – they just need to be fun.

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11] Professional speed skater Tony Hawk 1+2

11 best video games - TechMobi

Nostalgia is a very important activity today, but the correction of old contentment is rarely synonymous with such haste. Step into the shoes of professional speed skater Tony Hawk 1 + 2. Despite seemingly insurmountable difficulties, this change restores the magic of those early skate checker games and brings them to life for today’s consoles and viewers. These games have only recently opened, muscle memory was not remembered, they are thirsty for high scores and tingling to jump on the skateboard – that’s also a consolation during a difficult year.

Let us know your preferences or suggestions for video games you want to play.

Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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