So you’ve finally decided to have a few 99’s in your account. And now you can get access to some very unique craft landscapes!

Each skill has the same bonuses, but each skill has its own unique ability. Some are surprisingly useful, while others are not so great.

So which one should you focus on?

Let’s see.

10. Culinary course

Being a chef has its advantages.

With the cape, you’ll never set food on fire again! Whether you are cooking on the stove or over a campfire, you will have a 100% success rate.

This not only saves you money, but it also ensures that you don’t waste your hard earned fish.

The best place to use this cloak is near the foyer of the Thieves Pit or in the Mythos Guild.

How to get in: This cape is sold exclusively by the Chef of the Chefs Guild!

9. Cloak for thieves

Say you’ve become a master thief and you want to keep picking pockets with those light fingers.

Well, if you wear a cape with thieving skills, you have a 10% better chance of not getting caught stealing someone’s bag out of their hand in OSRS!

This effect can also be stacked with the Arduign Diaries effect. Then you’re really hard to catch.

How to get in: Purchased from the Arms Guild by Martin Tywith.

8. defensive cape

This is a niche reward, used almost exclusively by hardcore Ironmen who want an extra level of security.

The protective cloak acts as a permanent life ring when worn. And the effect can be turned on or off at the player’s discretion.

Most hardcores can use it for very dangerous areas, such as. B. God of War Dungeon of Cerberus, where the chance of a knockout is pretty high.

But it also helps if you pass out, knowing you have a chance to be saved by a cape!

How to get in: I got it from a hand-to-hand combat instructor near Lambridge.

7. Hooded store

First of all, if you have it, congratulations on gaining one of the rarest skills in OSRS!

This skill cloak has a passive effect that gives you a 5% chance to gain additional ore when mining, up to indestructible ore.

This effect can also be combined with Varrock armor sets from the Varrock journal, increasing the chance of success.

This is very useful for scrap dealers who want to keep mining after they have reached the maximum.

How to get in: Talk to Gardin at the Mountain Guild in Falador to buy this beautiful cape.

6. Magic coat

The magic cloak is a great tool to keep in your jar or on a cloak stand in your player’s home for easy access.

This skill cloak allows you to change your spellbook to one of the unlocked spellbooks five times a day.

Personally, I keep it in my jar so I can easily replace the spell book. But other players, such as hp’ers, wear this cloak and will use it to switch from an old spell book to a normal spell book with large targets.

This allows them to telelock and use the ice barrier on a whim.

How to get in: Talk to the witch Sinina in the Janil Mage Guild to buy this cloak.

5. Agricultural canopy

This cape has two very useful advantages.

First, the Agriculture Cape, when equipped, increases the amount of herbs you get from cultivating by 5%. And with the candarin calendar and magic pruners, it all adds up and makes your overall harvest that much bigger!

Second, this cloak allows unlimited teleports to the Peasant Guild on Zea. A great tool for quick operations.

How to get in: Go to the village of Draynor and buy this cloak from Martin, the master farmer.

4. Shipbuilding Cap

Crafting Cape provides unlimited teleports to the crafting guild and places you in close proximity to all OSRS banks.

This cloak is used by many high-level players, as it significantly reduces the overall time it takes to get to a bank.

And the crafters guild bank will come in handy with this cloak, even if you haven’t finished the hard Falador journal yet.

How to get in: Buy it from a master craftsman of the Falador Artisans Guild.

3. Killer

One of the rarest scenery skills in OSRS, the Killer Cloak has a really cool effect that can help you hunt down a certain Slayer Blob monster.

This gives you a 10% chance of getting the same task as the one you just completed.

This is handy because you can farm with some boss or monster tasks if you’re lucky!

Note that you must wear a cloak over your person or equipment to get this effect.

How to get in: Talk to Duradel in the village of Shiloh to buy this cape.

2. Construction section

This cloak is now one of the most important tools in OSRS, as it allows unlimited teleportation into your player home.

This is incredibly useful for almost everyone, as most players use their home as a base of operations.

This is usually where your teleporters, decorative pond and items are stored. And the ability to backtrack indefinitely makes life easier!

How to get in: Talk to any broker in OSRS to get this cape.

1. Max Cape

I think we all saw this coming.

This cape is incredibly durable and is the best in OSRS.

You must have a level 99 in each skill, which is a huge accomplishment!

But why is this cape so good?

Well, it offers the benefits of all the cape skills in the game, all in one cape!

Thus, all the effects of the capes listed above are included in this cloak, as well as the effects of any other skill cloak. It’s crazy.

This is the most useful cape I’ve ever seen.

How to get in: Talk to Mack, west of the Warrior Guild, to buy this cloak. It costs 2.277 million (2,277,000), which is far more expensive than any other art form.

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