Here’s our list of the top 10 puns. This category of board games is quite explicit. These are games that are generally not thematic and use only words. It is an advantage to be a master of language and a genius at logic. You may have to build or deconstruct, but you can do a lot with words, play with our knowledge and preconceptions about language and communication. Considering all the great games in this category, here’s your top 10 list of word games.

#10 | Annex

Trapwords is part of the list of best word games because it is a board game that has managed to mix some great mechanics from the past into a great modern game for any medium to large group. It’s like the classic taboo, but it takes it a step further by having the counter choose words you’re not allowed to use and don’t know what they are.

You play as a group of adventurers crawling through a fantasy dungeon full of traps and curses, at the end of which a final boss awaits. You have to guess the word that one of your teammates is trying to describe to you. And the further you go, the worse it gets. With 4 to 8 players, the games take about 30 to 45 minutes.

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#09 | Balderdash

Balderdash is a classic trickster parody board game with definition. Originally released in 1984, this title was the brainchild of a brilliant idea to test people’s knowledge of word definitions. He’s on the list of best puns because he’s still the best. The edition Beyond is essentially a second edition that adds a few extra elements.

The game consists of bluffing your opponents into guessing your false definitions to cover up your words. The actual answers are often even more outrageous than the bluff, leading to much laughter. The Beyond version is based on things like movies (come up with a plot) and people (say what they did). For 2 to 6 players, the games take about 45 minutes.

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#08 | Confiture de lettres

Letter Jam is on the list of best puns because, even though it’s still very new, people are falling in love with it at an alarming rate. Letter Jam, made by the same publisher as Codenames, is a cooperative word game where players help each other put together meaningful words from letters around a table. It’s fun to socialize, and it tests the right level of knowledge if you enjoy working with others, not against them.

At the beginning of the game, each player is given a stack of letter cards to lay open with an existing word (players choose words among them). During the game, the other players look for the other players’ cards to form words. At the end, you try to discover the master’s secret word using clues, and the more of you that succeed, the higher the prize. With 2 to 6 players the games take about 45 minutes.

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#07 | When I dream

If you’re looking for something that really has a lot of themes and a lot of extras like I dream, then the title of the best puns list might be for you. It is a real-time deduction game that contains narrative and role-playing elements. But if you take all that away, it’s a pun that sticks in the corner of your mind.

This is an active game, so be prepared. The dream spirits want to have fun tonight. Players take turns becoming dreamers and falling asleep with a cloth mask (included). The other players are secretly given role cards to determine whether they have bad or good intentions. The dreamer draws a picture and has to describe it in one word. The light is round, you have 120 seconds to do as much as you can. For 4 – 10 players, playing time 20 – 40 minutes.

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#06 | Wordoku

Wordoku is on the list of best word games because it is a simple concept that combines some of the things you know and love into a great word building experience that any fan of the genre will love. Wordoku is a challenge to your chair that goes incredibly well with classic mechanics.

This game is a combination of crosswords and Sudoku, where players compete to form words and score points by using wooden letter tiles on a 4×4 grid and by cleverly incorporating all the symbols on the tiles to form a word with a double value. The game is played in three rounds, and players earn rewards for scoring the most points – and for improving their personal best scores between rounds. For 1 to 6 players, games last 20 to 30 minutes.

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#05 | Werewolves

Werewolves are on the list of best puns because they take a good pun and throw the wolf down, literally and figuratively. It’s a great word deduction game, where you take clues that get you closer, but it’s also another random obstacle that pops up and ruins the days. It’s a lively title that should appeal to players of all groups and intensities.

Players guess the secret word by asking yes or no questions. Find the magic word before the time runs out and you win. However, one of the players is secretly a werewolf who not only works against you, but also knows the word. If you don’t guess the word in time, you can still win by identifying the werewolf! It is very difficult to hide as a werewolf. With 4 to 10 players, it takes about 10 minutes per round.

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#04 | Decode

Decrypto makes the list of best word games because it is a masterful mix of guessing games within a larger guessing game. You have your own things to do with your team, but depending on how well you do, that carries over into the big race. You have to get people to guess at a short list of words. The question is how many words can you give them to get them.

In Decrypto, players compete in two teams (white and black), each trying to correctly interpret their opponent’s encrypted messages before doing the same. Each team has four cards that they place in different screens (#1 to #4) on their personal board. The team can see these words, but the opponent cannot. In each round, one team member is the decoder and draws a card with a number line (linked to 1 – 4). You have to make your team guess this sequence by giving clues, but you also give clues to your opponent. For 3 to 8 players, the games last from 15 to 45 minutes.

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#03 | Just a

Just One is the only board game of its kind to win Game of the Year, which in itself justifies its existence on the list of best word games, but it’s also pretty awesome. Just One is a cooperative board game where you play together to find as many words in the puzzle as possible.

Players take turns guessing the word. Before doing so, the card with the word on it is turned over and the other players must find a clue to help them find the word. It could be anything, but the catch is that duplicate evidence gets erased. It’s harder than you think. The goal is to get as close to 13 points as possible. For 3 to 7 players, the games take about 20 minutes each.

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#02 | Scrabble

Scrabble makes the list of the best words in the game because it is one of those untouchable games that keeps getting the respect it deserves. Scrabble came out in 1948, it is one of the most famous board games in human history, and it is still played today because it is the best there is.

Start by drawing 7 letter tiles. Players use them to form words on the board. Points are awarded for each posted word according to the commonality of the letters used, with some boxes in the table providing bonuses. However, a word can only be played if it uses at least one already played tile or adds to an already played word. Get the highest score, simple but devastating. With 2 to 4 players the games take about 90 minutes.

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#01 | Code Name

Some people might be upset that Codenames is at the top of the list of best word games instead of Scrabble, but we say this: Codenames is great. It seems almost random how fluid the communication is and how the levels of complexity and scenarios unfold as you play. Not to discredit the designer, but everything comes together so incredibly beautifully that it seems impossible to build something like this.

The group will be divided into two teams. You are spies and must get your comrades off the field before your opponent does too. This is represented by a grid with many words under which there is a blue agent, a red agent, an outsider or an evil assassin. In each round, one member of each team looks at the decoding map with all the locations and must report them to his or her team with one-word answers. The key is to give clues that apply to multiple points to win. For 2 to 8 players the playing time is about 15 minutes per round.

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