If you’re like me and love old-school Pokémon games, you’ll probably find that the first generation games are more complex than some of the current first generation games.

When certain moves don’t work at all (like energy concentration) and psychic types are immune to spiritual types, it’s easy to see why these old names are must-haves.

But they still can’t come back and play, especially if you grew up with them.

And if you’re picking up Gen I for fun, these are the best TMs to pick up.

10. TM45 (Thunder Wave)

It’s always a good strategy to beat an opponent with a few stats.

And stun is one of the best stats in the first generation games.

Stun not only reduces your opponent’s speed, but also immobilizes him half the time.

The deck is better for stun moves (especially if they also do damage), but Thunderwave makes this list because it is guaranteed to stun a scary Pokémon.

Where to find it: Highway 24 (northwest)

9. TM32 (dual control)

If all else fails, increase your means of escape.

Double Team and Minimize are known for slowing down fights. They make every fight more of a gamble than a game of skill.

So, if you have a dodge and your opponent does not, you will probably take more hits and come out victorious.

It also helps that the only Gen I move that ignores precision checks is Swift, which is rare in NPC fights.

Where can I get it? Safari Zone – West Area / Celadon Department Store 1000 PokeDollars

8. TM47 (Explosion)

The blast has the strange property of halving the opponent’s defense when calculating damage, effectively doubling the damage of the already powerful blast.

The problem is, you’ll pass out.

This is ideal if you’ve already taken out most of your enemies before using Blast, and your Pokémon only has a few HP left.

Blast makes you come out with a bang, and maybe another knockout, ideally to beat you in the fight. Just make sure you have some more people at the party!

Where can I get it? Victory Road 3F (Northwest)

7. TM16 (payment day)

Once you finish the game, you can’t fight the trainers anymore (at least not like in the original RBY titles).

So, the best way to earn more money after the game is to fight the Elite Four and use Pay Day.

Pay Day is useful in the post-game when you are trying to complete a Pokédex.

There are plenty of rare (and annoying) Pokémon to catch in the Safari Zone. So you will probably come back countless times, which costs money. And here’s a handy TM that will help you save money with Poke.

Where can I get it? Route 12 via Surf (southeast of Lavender City Gate)

6. TM08 (Body Slam)

Think of Body Slam as a stronger (and more accurate) mega punch that also has a 33% chance of paralyzing your opponent.

Body slam is a great move if you want to reliably deal damage while doing damage.

Note that it cannot paralyze normal Type I Pokémon. But it’s still one of the most powerful direct damage moves, and you can get it early enough by looking for S.S. Anne Vermilion.

Where can I get it? S.S. Anne 1F (second coin from left)

5. TM26 (earthquake)

Earthquake is a great move in a way, because Kanto is full of toxic guys for some reason.

It is also the most powerful move in the game, with no negative effects.

You can also get him in the middle of the story, where most Canto Gym leaders have teams that are weak against the floor.

You can use Earthquake against Koga, Blaine, Giovanni, and Agatha, and also against Onyx Bruno. Not to mention Rgidon and your opponent’s Arcanum (assuming you didn’t pick Bulbasaur, but even if you did, it’s still very useful).

Where can I get it? Silph Co. 10F (Southwest room)

4. TM13 (ice jet)

Unlike other generations, the ice ray is useful in Gen I. Even beyond the usual dragon-like countermove.

An ice blast can cause the status frozen, one of the most deranged states in the game.

If your opponent is frozen, he can only use an item, perform a Haze move, or be hit by a Fire move to thaw him out.

Otherwise, they cannot be thawed and remain frozen until intoxicated. And Generation I is the only generation where the freeze is essentially permanent.

You can also use Ice Ray against Erika, Giovanni, and Lance, as well as Onyx Bruno, Golbat Agatha, and Pigeot, Rhydon, and your opponent’s Exeggutor/Venusaurus. So it’s just a big move.

Where can I get it? The roof of the Celadon City department store (in exchange for fresh water).

3. TM29 (clairvoyant)

The psychic types are broken in the first generation.

So the medium is a beastly move.

There’s no steel or dark guys here to fight it. So the only Pokémon that can withstand Psycho moves are the Psycho types themselves.

They can put the psychics to good use against Eric, Koga, the Saffron City fighting dojo, Bruno, and Agatha. You can also crush Nidoquin and Nidoquin Giovanni in Viridian Gym pretty quickly.

Where can I get it? Saffron City (House of Mr. Psychic – Southeast)

2. TM15 (Hyperbeam)

Hyper Beam has a problem in the original RBY games.

After using Hyper Arrow, you can’t move the next turn because of the cooldown.

However, in Generation I, there is no cooldown if you successfully take out an enemy with Hyperbeam.

It’s a cool thing.

Hyper Beam is easily one of the most powerful moves in the game, so it’s pretty easy to take out an opponent if you’ve already depleted his health a bit.

A good strategy is to use another move to weaken the opponent, such as Body Slam or Earthquake, and then finish him off with Hyperbeams.

The only problem with Hyper Beam is that it is only available in the Celadon play area for 5,500 coins, which is expensive. So either you play slots for a while, or you have to save up a lot of money to be able to buy that many coins!

Where can I get it? Celadon play corner (5,500 pieces)

1. TM07 (horn piercing) / TM27 (crack)

Corkscrew drills and slotted drills are not the most precise movements, even if they are pure OHK movements.

But there is one thing that takes them from situational movements to broken movements: X Accuracy.

Before Generation II, X Accuracy ignored precision testing.

Right: With just one X of precision, you can’t miss. And they only cost 950 Poké Dollars each, which you can buy for free at the Celadon Department Store.

And you can also buy TMs for the horn drill, as TM07 only costs 2000 Poké dollars.

Make sure you only get it after you beat Giovanni in the Viridian Gym.

But once you have a horn drill, a crack, and some X accuracy, the only limit is your PP. Since these moves only have 5 PP each.

But you can use ether or elixir if you run out of PP for those, and then scroll to E4.

Note that ghost types are immune to the horn drill and flying types are immune to the crack.

But with a little organization, these two moves could wipe out everything.

Where can I get it? TM07: Celadon Warehouse for 2000 Poké / TM27 : Viridian Gym Awards

frequently asked questions

What is the strongest TM in Pokemon?

1 TM26 – Earthquake The earthquake is the most powerful ground movement in the game. The size of the ground movement, which can be estimated at 150, was not introduced until generation II. Earthquake is considered the best TM in the game because it has 100% accuracy and 100 power.

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